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Saving Money Using Price Rewind

I recently opened a Citi Visa card through the Costco program, and I decided to read about the benefits that the card offers. I’m glad I did.  I found that this card offers a price tracking service that so far has saved me a lot of money. In my opinion, one of the best features this card offers. 

It’s quite simple to use:  

  • Purchase your merchandise and pay with the Citi Visa.  Make sure you keep the receipt
  • Log on to and start a ‘new price rewind’
  • In the search bar, enter the name of the item you purchase
  • Enter the price you paid, where and date you purchased
  • Upload a copy of the receipt

That’s It!  You’ll get an email that the search for a lower price is on. Their system will search and track prices for the item you purchased for 60 days.  At the end of the sixty days you’ll get a notice stating that the tracking time is over, and whether or not a lower price was found.  If there was a lower price found, you have a choice to get cash back or a statement credit.  If you find a lower price during the tracking time, simply fill out and email a form along with a picture of the item and the price to request your refund.  

Things to know:

  • Keep your receipt.
  • Start the price rewind right away.  Tracking is for 60 days from the date of purchase
  • Their system is pretty good, but you can also do a price search yourself.
  •  If the item you purchased in not in their database, you can fill out a form to start a price rewind manually.

I took advantage of this service during my black friday shopping.  I was surprised that some of the things I bought decreased in price even more, and was happy to get the price difference back.  

There are so many ways to save money.  Keep checking my blog for more money saving tips and tricks

Happy savings,


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