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Chicago Steak Co. Deals for Extras with Order

For now I´ve only used a grocery delivery and a meal kit subscription service to get food, but haven´t tried shopping for meats or chicken online. Except I came across a free meat with purchase coupon from Chicago Steak Company meat delivery service and after looking at the coupon, it appears this is a Way to get food freebies

Chicago Steak Company sells gourmet steaks, specializing in hand-cut, Mid-West raised, Premium Angus USDA Prime beef. Overall, the price of steaks depends on whether you get USDA Choice or Prime. USDA Choice is more affordable but doesn’t carry the distinct flavor, marbling, or texture. Thus, USDA Choice is second grade.

USDA Prime is the best quality you can get as per USDA guidelines. It is described by the United States Department of Agriculture as “The ultimate in tenderness, juiciness and flavor”. For beef sellers a USDA Prime designation is prized, as only a small portion of all US beef earns this grade. Thus, demand for USDA Prime is high.

Additionally, within the USDA Prime and Choice grades there are different qualities. Marbling, texture, color and other variables that affect flavor, tenderness, quality and of course price.

So when considering what the deal is in relation to quality, the different packages on sale at Chicago Steak Company, in addition to the free gifts with purchase, are a pretty good meat delivery deal. After doing a price comparison of how much I spend when buying Prime Steaks at the supermarket vs the packages and the free offers, it was about the same with the exception that I was getting better quality through the company online and I didn’t have to go out shopping.

Here´s the deal:

Chicago Steak Company often has free shipping and other meat coupon codes which add additional beef, chicken or seafood packages to your order.

Chicago Steak Company sells several types of packages of beef, pork, turkey, chicken and seafood. They sell deserts and side dishes as an add-on item or individually as well. When is the best time to search for promotions? Obviously around the holidays and before life celebrations like Father´s Day.

However, consider the seasons. Summer is the season for grilling and Chicago Steak Company runs several sales to attract customers. Expect pretty good promotions around the 4th of July holiday and also Labor Day, but don’t discount the weeks in between these holidays during the summer though. When sales tend to be low merchandise needs to be moved. Look for discount coupons to get free meats and free shipping deals then. The key is to pair both deals and snag great savings on meats.

42% Off Classic American GrillerRetail: $239.95 Sale: $139.95

Premium Gold Angus Beef – Use Promo Code: FREEGIFTS and get FREE Shipping plus 12 Steak Burgers.

Free Shipping + Free Gifts

free shipping plus 3 free food packages people's choice Filet Mignon

Deal Idea

Coach Ditka´s favorite

Enjoy Coach Ditka Hall of Fame recipe for your Pork Baby Back Ribs at home. Currently Coach Ditka´s favorite is marked down to $149.95 (regular price is $174.95). This package includes 3 slabs of Chicago Style Baby Back Ribs. It has a 4.9 star ratings and qualifies for the additional coupon discounts above. The ribs are fully cooked with sauce and ready to reheat the ribs. With the marked down you can score any of the above coupons for extra meats delivery.


Cold Water Lobster Tails make the perfect complement for Premium Angus Beef Filet Mignons, Juicy Top Sirloins and New York Strips.

This package has a couple of SURF AND TURF OPTIONS starting at $99.95
2 (5/6oz) Cold Water Lobster Tails with your choice of:
2 (6oz) Premium Angus Beef Filet Mignons
4 (6oz) Premium Angus Beef Filet Mignons
2 (10oz) Premium Angus Beef Boneless Strips
2 (8oz) Premium Angus Beef Top Sirloins

WEIGHT: 6oz (Filet Mignon), 8oz (Top Sirloin), or 10oz (NY Strip). AGED 4-6 weeks to enhance flavor & tenderness. This package along with the coupon code ends up costing about $5.55 per item.

Value Assortment – Ultimate Grilling Assortment

The Ultimate in Black Angus steak, steak burgers and gourmet chicken, this assortment features Rib Eyes, Sirloin Steaks, and Chicken Breasts. 16 hearty Steak Burgers are packed in with this assortment too. .

This steak order assortment Includes:
4 (8oz) Premium Angus Beef Ribeyes
4 (6oz) Premium Angus Beef Top Sirloins
4 (6oz) Lemon Herb Chicken Breasts
16 (4oz) Angus Steak Burgers
GRADE:Top One-Third USDA Choice or Higher
AGED:4-6 weeks to enhance flavor & tenderness

Reg $319.95 NOW $209.95. Its a lot of food and you´ll get even more using the discount coupon. For a family of 4 the main entree for 10 days is taken care of.

$50 Off Big Kahuna Assortment

juicy filet mignon with fries over mashed potato and steak burger with sesame seed burger bun

The Big Kahuna Assortment is one of their most popular packages. It has a sampling of the best cuts of steak. I´m including it in the deal idea because of it popularity

Assortment Includes:
4 (10oz) Premium Angus Filet Mignons
12 (4oz) Steak Burgers
GRADE:Top One-Third USDA Choice or Higher
AGED:4-6 weeks to enhance flavor & tenderness
Use Promo BIGKAHUNA to receive Free standard shipping + $50 Off on this assortment.

Regular price is $277.95 but is currently on sale for $227.95. After you apply the promo code you can score a total of 24 pieces of high quality meat.

The Chicago Steak company claims to carry the legacy of 3 generations of experience. They specialize in hand-cut, mid-west raised, USDA Prime beef that is raised, trimmed, and aged using centuries-old techniques. They specialize in the top 2% of Beef in the US (USDA Prime), and state that each order is individually registered with a unique registration number. Chicago Steak Company serves steaks in some of the best white table cloth steakhouses across the country, and have been featured on the Discovery Science Channel as a must-have luxury item, and recently won the Great Steak debate with Iron Chef Marc Forgione.

The bottom line of a good deal is the price however. Throw in quality in addition to savings to score the best for your budget.

Happy savings, TaLis

24 Steak Burgers FREE with your order of $119+
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