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50% Off Gobble Meal Kit

Get 50% off your first Gobble meal delivery kits with code 50OFFBOX. The Gobble meal kits delivers 6 meals delivered to your door – prepped and ready to cook – for $36. This means that for 3 days, 2 people eat a healthy meal for $6.

50% off First Gobble Meal Kit

Besides being quick and easy to prepare, Gobble meal kits make delicious healthy gourmet dinners. Great alternative to saving time cooking dinner while adding variety to meals.

Gobble plans

Gobble has two plans: a 2 person and a 4 person meal plan.

With the 2 person meal plan you’ll receive enough to have dinner for 3 days for two people – equivalent to a total of 6 meals.

Example of two person meal plan – your Gobble box arrives on Monday, so two people will have a Gobble dinner on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The 4 person meal kit makes a total of 12 meals. So for three days, 4 people will have a Gobble dinner.

Each night is a different meal. And each meal – in Gobble terms – is a meal kit that serves 2 people.

Steps to Sign up with Gobble Promo

  1. When you sign up you’ll choose a day of the week to have your meal kit delivered
  2. Choose how many people will be eating dinner.
  3. Then delivery calendar
  4. Choose when you want your Gobble kit to arrive
  5. Gobble auto-assigns three dinner kits.
  6. Enter promo code 50OFFBOX at checkout.
gobble menu choices

There is no long term commitment when you sign up for Gobble meal kits, and you also have the choice to easily skip a delivery or cancel any time. If at some point you wish to resume delivery simply login again and order. Your meal preferences are saved.

After your first Gobble promo delivery, the regular price is $11.99 per kit. This means that for kits for 3 dinner days will serve a total of 6 meals for $71.94 plus $6.99 for shipping.

The minimum order for meal kits is 2 (dinner for two days for 2 people)

The 4 person plan costs $11.99 per meal for a total of $143.88 plus $6.99 shipping.

Regarding allergies, menus clearly outline ingredients so you can ensure safety. Be sure to edit your food preferences as well, so you can see choices for things you like and eat.

No shopping, no prepping, no meal planning

Sample Gobble Menu

Kid friendly, vegetarian and low calorie meal options

Check out some of the menu choices

Each month Gobble’s menu features seasonal hits (like the Pan-Seared Salmon with Arugula & Apple Sorghum Salad and the family favorite, Caio e Peppe with Diced Chicken & Asparagus). Popular choices – like the Hall of Fame favorite – the Panko-Crusted Chicken & Waffles with Sauteed Spinach sell out pretty quick.

Gobble packs meal kits in an insulated bag with an ice pack to keep it fresh until you´re able to put it away. The box includes everything you need to prepare your meal, and the instructions even show you how to plate your food so it looks like Gobble’s meal plate. From sauces to salt and pepper. There’s no need to do any further shopping to complement a Gobble meal, except a beverage (if you want wine or something else besides water).

Of course, you can also order dessert through Gobble subscription delivery.

Unfortunately, Gobble doesn’t deliver everywhere in the US. Visit Gobble to check delivery in your area. Using the 50% off promo deal is a nice way to try Gobble meal service and make dinner time easy for yourself.

Happy savings, TaLis

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