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Gobble Meals Complete Review (with Pix)

First off, i’m not a cook. I tried the Gobble meal meals kit for two reasons: because I want a great tasting dinner without the hassle of buying and prepping. And because when I get home I’m tired and I’m not in the mood for cooking something that’s going to take a long time to serve.

My first impression after unboxing Gobble was that ingredient bags looked small and wondering if Gobble dinner kits is enough for two.

What is Gobble?

Gobble is food subscription service that delivers meal kits designed to have dinner ready and on the table in 15 minutes. Menu choices include kid friendly dinners, low calorie meals that are 600 calories or less, in addition to gluten, nut-free and dairy free options.

No shopping, no prepping, no meal planning

What’s in the Box

Gobble packs meal ingredients in an insulated bag with an ice pack to keep it fresh until you´re able to put it away. The box includes everything you need to prepare your meal, and the instructions even show you how to plate your food so it looks like Gobble’s meal plate.

The image below shows all the contents that came in the Gobble Box

Gobble delivered everything needed to prep and serve dinner in the box. From the sauces to even small salt and pepper containers were included. There was no need to do any shopping when I had Gobble for dinner. The only extra that was needed was a beverage. (if you want wine or something else besides water).

Gobble meal kit chili dipping sauce poured in a bowl

The instructions are easy to follow and written in a way clueless cooks like me can understand. I liked that instruction cards come in laminated card stock paper, in case it got dirty or something spilled on it, directions weren’t ruined.

Gobble Meal Kit Promotional Codes

I signed up with an intro promo link for 6 meals for $36.

2 people eat 3 dinners for $12 each. (That’s dinner for $6/person)

$36 for 3 meals

How Gobble Meal plans work

Gobble has two plans: a 2 person and a 4 (or more) person meal plan.

With the 2 person meal plan there’s enough to have dinner for 3 days for two people – equivalent to a total of 6 meals.

For example, a two person meal plan – your Gobble box arrives on Monday, so two people will have a Gobble dinner on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The 4 person meal kit makes a total of 12 meals. So for three days, a family of 4 will have a Gobble dinner.

Ordering Gobble

  1. When signing up choose a day of the week to have your meal kit delivered
  2. Then choose how many people will be eating dinner.
  3. Then go to ‘delivery calendar
  4. Choose when you want your Gobble kit to arrive
  5. Gobble auto-assigns three dinner kits based on your meal profile (vegetarian, lean, allergies, etc.)
    • browse choices by clicking “see dinner menu
gobble menu choices

My Gobble Experience

Ordering was easy. I liked that there is no long term commitment when signing up for Gobble meal kits, and also have the choice to easily skip a delivery or cancel any time.

Additionally, if pausing and later resuming delivery, your meal profile and preferences are saved and you don’t have to start from scratch.

Gobble Price

After your first Gobble promo delivery, the regular price is $11.99 per kit. 3 dinner days will serve a total of 6 meals for $71.94 plus $6.99 for shipping.

The minimum order for meal kits is 2 (dinner for two days for 2 people)

The 4 person plan costs $11.99 per meal for a total of $143.88 plus $6.99 shipping. Less if you use the promotional codes listed above.

Gobble Meals for Allergies & Food sensitive people

Regarding allergies, I found that Gobble menus clearly outline the ingredients so you can ensure safety. Be sure to edit your food preferences as well, so you can see choices for things you like and eat.

We didn’t order dessert but this is an option i’ll add next time. It isn’t part of the meal kit though. You’d have to order that separately.

Is Gobble Dinner really 15 minutes?

Dinner prepped and ready to eat in 15 minutes was one of the attractions to ordering Gobble. Easy and fast cooking? Although Gobble claims dinner is made in about 15 minutes, the first Gobble meal I cooked took about 25 minutes. The second and third meal kits took 20 minutes.

It took less time as I prepped the meals on the 2nd and third day and got used to how the cooking instructions worked.

Overall after I started cooking a Gobble meal kit I was eating dinner 20 minutes later.

Gobble dinner pack instructions with content in a bag

Gobble Menu Choices

I was pleasantly surprised with Gobble menu choices. For me cooking can become tedious and boring and I end up not knowing what to cook. I found that Gobble menu had several flavorful meal choices I could rotate through and not feel like i’m eating the same.

Kid friendly, vegetarian and low calorie meal options

Gobble menu choices were definitely not boring.

For foodies who like to try different flavors, and have gourmet type dinners, below is a sample of what Gobble offers.

  • Miso Baked Salmon with Stir-Fry Vegetables & Jasmine Rice
  • Creamy Lemon Fettuccine with Sugar Snap Peas & Fennel
  • Indian Spiced Lentil & Green Pea Flatbread with Roasted Cauliflower
  • Sun-Dried Tomato & Goat Cheese Crusted Chicken with Asparagus & Polenta

This is what they looked like:

I included the pictures of what the meal looks like because at first, for me the ingredients were things I usually don’t eat, but the pictures were appetizing.

A plus for Gobble menu choices is that the menu changes on a regular basis. New items are added consistently, mixed in with the popular dishes.

If I liked a meal, its available again. Each month Gobble’s menu features seasonal hits.

Below are a list of the popular items often ordered:

Pan-Seared Salmon with Arugula & Apple Sorghum Salad and family favorites, like Caio e Peppe with Diced Chicken & Asparagus). Popular choices – like the Hall of Fame favorite – the Panko-Crusted Chicken & Waffles with Sauteed Spinach sell out pretty quick.

My plated Gobble Dinner

Pictured below is what my Gobble dinner looked like. It didn’t look exactly like the one Gobble’s instruction card, but it was delicious!

My Gobble meal dinner

Gobble Verdict

Overall Gobble meal service made for a quick healthy and tasty dinner. It definitely cuts down in the extra time to get dinner ready and was amazingly flavorful. Cooking was easy and although it wasn’t 15 minutes, it was fast enough.

Does Gobble save time and money? When considering a meal delivery service for yourself, compare the price of Gobble to the time and money you spend shopping, planning meals and preparing. How often do you go food shopping? Do you enjoy food shopping? For people who enjoy the whole experience of preparing elaborate meals Gobble may not work. Gobble is a delivery service best fit for people who don’t want to compromise taste and healthy with time and shopping.

I’m not one that cooks dinners ahead of time and freezes them, so for me, prepped meal kits offer the solution of healthy and fast dinner at home.

Is Gobble worth it? Absolutely. I found it especially useful during the week when there is homework to check, sometimes I had to work late and was able to eat dinner at a decent time.

For the parent that’s running around taking kids to after school activities, Gobble is a game changer.

I also found that the menu choices offered dinners I normally wouldn’t cook at home, and felt like I was eating take out dinners from a restaurant. Except without the price and safely cooked by me.

A downside for Gobble is that its not available everywhere in the US. See if Gobble delivers in your area?

Overall I recommend Gobble. The food was really tasty, easy to make and included everything I needed. It was also healthy and I didn’t have to go shopping at all. Not even for salt.

Was there enough for two? I was surprised that there were left overs! And we’re not small eaters. I know other people that also get Gobble meal kits and they say the same thing. The only way you’ll find out however, is to try Gobble yourself. If you do, try the intro promo link price like I did to save money 😁.

Happy savings, TaLis

couple cooking Gobbe meal kit

Some graphics made with Canva.

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