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Easy to Get Last Minute Gifts

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Last minute gifts are easily fixed with gift cards, but they’re dull gifts. There’s no excitement when they’re opened and they’re impersonal. But scrambling for a great gift when there’s no time to shop can be done from the comfort of your couch with these easy to get great alternatives to gift cards.

Subscription services

Subscription services are a growing consumer trend because they offer convenience and save time. Gifting a subscription service is a brilliant gift that is easy to get at the last minute with many options to choose from. Subscription service gifts are as easy as choosing how long you would like the gift recipient to receive the service and done. Then, write a note or place a gift voucher with the service you purchased for them and you’ve got your last minute gift covered. You can quickly and easily design a gift voucher with Canva for a personal touch.

Grocery Delivery Service

Give someone a break from grocery shopping. Consider gifting a Shipt membership which delivers more than just groceries – from laptops to ink cartridges – straight to their door. This is a great gift for anyone who doesn’t have a car, a college student, or someone who simply hates to go shopping.

Personal Care Items

The option to gift every day necessities is always a welcomed surprise. You’re gifting something that is always needed, and frees up the need to have to shop for it.

Why gift personal care products? You’re also helping loosen up the recipient’s budget as well, because they don’t have to buy them. they will always need personal items. Gifts like contact lenses, Cora or razors are always welcomed.

Introduce the new concept of organic feminine care and period underwear – A backup for tampons or cup.


Cora has different feminine care products that are safe and environmentally friendly. Sign up your friend and help ease their budget too.

👉 Learn more about Cora

From Warby Parker comes Scout – high-quality contact lenses. A 6 day-day trial costs $5. Lasting hydration, easy to carry and affordable.

👉Learn more about Scout

FREE Trial Set of Razors and Shave Gel from HARRY’S. Just pay $3 for shipping

👉Learn more about Harry’s Shave Club

Meal delivery? Yes please!!

Consider a service that takes meal planning and grocery shopping out of the equation, and delight the gift recipient with easy to make quality meals. Nothing beats coming home and having a healthy dinner that’s effortless to make. This is an awesome gift for working people. There are many services available that deliver quick and easy dinner kits.

For example, Gobble delivers a food box of healthy and delicious dinners that are designed to go from prepping to table in about 20 minutes. Great gift for someone who likes to explore different flavors without having to search for recipes. Menus are available for different types of diets as well. 👉menu and more details.

Sunbasket is another meal delivery service with recipes designed to have dinner ready in 30 minutes. Recipients have a choice to mix and match from 18 weekly recipes no matter what the meal plan is. In addition, meal plans are available for 1 as well. Menu plans include special diets such as Paleo and Vegan. Order Sunbasket and get $35 off plus 4 free gifts. Just click ‘activate offer’ at the top to get your savings.

Be sure to check out sign up bonus offers too.

Wine Every Month

Of all the subscription services available to gift, specialty foods subscriptions also give a personal caring touch.

Wine delivery service for win lovers – send a loved one wines delivered to their door every month for as long as you wish… 👉More about Wine

For coffee lovers

Coffee lovers would enjoy getting Tayst – a java subscription that brings premium coffee to their door. Tayst sells coffee for Keurig machines in eco-friendly pods that compressed from cornstarch. Reviewers say coffee blends are amazing and aromatic. Currently they have a deal where recipients can try it out for $8 and get 20 cups. Just order and have it delivered to your gift recipient for a nice morning java jolt.

tayst coffee offer

Box for Pets

Let’s not forget our furry friends. They can get a surprise delivered especially for them too! You can tell if your dog likes the food they’re eating from cues like sniffing their food and eating right away, or sniffing and looking at you with a sad face. Which one does your dog do?

Fresh food made from real ingredients. Ollie uses the profile you create for your pup to deliver customized healthy meals.

Ollie subscription delivers on your scheduled and as often as you’d like.

Bark Box is a subscription box that delivers not just food but also toys to surprise your dog with a new treat to play with.

Bark Box also offers a sign up bonus that is pet parent approved.

Every BarkBox has at least 2 cute toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew, designed with a monthly themed collection.

👉Get BarkBox details

Gift subscriptions for kids

Monthly Subscription services for kids make fantastic and unforgettable alternatives to gift cards as well. They’re like giving a kid a Christmas surprise every month. There are several types of subscription services that will thrill any kid such as toys, books and clothes. Consider Spangler’s Science Club, a stem toy subscription service where you can choose different montly delivery plans. The subscription service sends a box with all the ingredients and instructions to do a fun science experiment appropriate for any age and knoweledge level. No parent supervision required. Save $20 off a 3 Month or more subscription with code SAVEME20.

stem experiment
Save $20

Amazon Memberships

Amazon offers a membership for just about anything which make for great alternatives to gift cards. From music to books to even a cleaning service, the gift recipient doesn’t have to be an Amazon Prime member to enjoy the gift. Of course, you can also gift a Prime membership.

Audible Gift Memberships

Anyone who reads books would enjoy getting a book subscription service. There are two options to consider – audiobooks and ebooks. Consider Amazon’s Audible subscription which gives different monthly subscription choices – 1, 3, 6 or 12 months subscription to gift. The Audible gift recipient gets 3 audiobooks each month of their gift membership and 30% off any additional audiobooks. Whatever book they get they own for life. Amazon is currently running a limited time special price of 53% off a three month membership.

A Kindle Unlimited subscription is also a great gift for book and magazine lovers as well as avid news junkies. Get daily news from The New York Times, weekly magazines or books for adults and kids. Choices are unlimited.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is a subscription service for the younger crowd that gives unlimited access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps and games. Gift a 3 month subcription.

How about paying for a cleaning service? Amazon Home Services offers different services that include a house cleaning. I don’t think this gift would make too many people unhappy. Personally, I would love it! The gift recipient would be able to schedule the service at their convenience, you can choose the frequency. Prices vary based on several factors. (👉learn more get details about Amazon home service).

Amazon has several memberships to choose from that are great alternatives to gift cards for kids, teens or adults. Choose one that works for you 👉 more membership choices 👈

College Money

Everyone enjoys getting money. Good old cash is always welcomed, but if you prefer to give money towards a good cause, the gift of money for a college education is priceless. Gift a 529 College Savings Plan. Use CollegeBacker to easily set one up for free, no minumum contribution required. Watch it grow tax-free, its just like a retirement account for college. You can also share a contribution link with friends and family to also contribute. 👉Learn more

Gifts should be memorable and fun in addition to sending the message that you care. Give a thoughtful and useful gift rather than a plain gift card. Any of the above listed alternatives will surely bring not only joy to the recipient, but also help save you time and keep your stress levels down.

Happy savings and gifting, TaLis.

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