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11 Ways to Save Money on Appliances

Don’t just rely on weekly sales to find large appliance deals. Keep the cost down. 11 ways to save on large appliances

Large appliances are expensive. Depending on the model, a refrigerator can set you back $3000!! Washersicon & dryersicon start at around $400, as well as rangesicon, microwavesicon, dishwashers, etc. icon The good news is that this is not a regular monthly or annual expense because appliances tend to last longer. However, when yours breaks and its time to get a new one, it can be an expense that leaves a big hole in your pocket. That hole doesn’t have to be so big. Consider the following ways to save money on large appliance purchases: 

Manufacturer Offers and Rebates

Manufacturers often have appliance rebates as an incentive to purchase select products. Often, the rebate is given in the form of a cash card, and offered for a limited time.  Depending on the product, you can save up to $2000. You can find products with rebates by going to the store’s rebate center: , .

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Energy Star Rebates

Products that earn the ENERGY STAR label must meet strict energy-efficiency specifications set by the U.S. EPA. These products help you save energy and money while protecting the environment. Rebate incentives are available for purchasing certified energy star products.

You can check Energy Star’s rebate-finder website for more information. If you are upgrading your appliances, energystar.gov has a lot of resources to help you choose an appliance that will save you money in the long run, as well as helping you save money in your utility bills.

The website also has information for finding new homes and apartments that have earned the energy star efficiency label.  Wondering if the refrigerator you want is energy star certified? You can search for products in the energy star product finder page. If you specifically want to buy energy star certified products that have rebates or are on sale, search for the energy star appliances on the store’s website. 

Price Matching

This is a great way to save money. Basically, if the item you want is found at a store or online at a lower price, you can ask the merchant where you are buying if they can give you the competitor’s price. In other words one store matches their competitor’s price in order to make a sale.

Stores like Best Buy will often match Walmart, Amazon and other major stores’s price. This isn’t limited to online stores.

Did you know you can contact Target.com and ask them to price match Target’s retail store price? The same works for price matching the store’s price to the online price.

Stack Savings

Stacking savings mean that you can get savings from something you buy in more than one place. Sometimes a merchandise may be discounted at the store, and there may be an additional rebate from the manufacturer. In this case, you can pair a store’s sale with a manufacturer’s rebate to score bigger savings.    


Major savings can also be found on discontinued, overstock, open box and clearance items at either store outlets and manufacturer outlets. There is nothing wrong with the merchandise sold at manufacturer outlet stores. In this case, you are buying directly from the manufacturer and  you may also find additional savings like free service contracts. At store outlets you can also find savings of 50% or more.  Best Buy’s appliance outlet offers big savings on open-box items, which often have nothing wrong with them. 

Brand Bundles 

Manufacturers and stores also offer discounts when you buy more than one appliance of the same brand. Especially big name brands like LG, Samsung, KitchenAid, GE and others. These tend to offer nice discounts when you purchase more than one appliance of their brand. Take a look at this example of a Kenmore Elite bundle saving -$2730.00 for 4 appliances!

Room Bundles 

Like brand bundles, purchasing 2 or more appliances used in the same room also comes with additional savings. These deals on large appliance are great when upgrading your kitchen or laundry room appliances. Typically washers are paired with dryers.  Kitchen appliance bundles allow you to choose 2 or more appliances. You can narrow down your needs by choosing – pair range, microwaves, ovens if you don’t need a refrigerator or a dishwasher. Washer and dryer bundle deals are quite popular and easy to find year round. Of course, the more you buy, the more money you save. 

Electric Energy Provider

appliance bundle savings package

Consumers generally don’t think of their energy provider to be a source of savings for their dryers or washers. But some electric companies offer rebates for purchasing an appliance. For example, buying an energy star refrigerator can save Puget Sound Energy customers $25. Check your utility company for possible savings.

Bundle appliances and save


Trending colors are always more expensive. Generally, fingerprint resistant stainless appliances are also more expensive. Depending on the features, white appliances can cost less, though not always. Take a look at the short clip below to see an example: 

Repair Shops

Another way to save money on appliances is to try to repair your current appliance. Repairing it may not be as expensive as you think. In some cases, a local repair shop may be a better option. Especially if your current appliance is out of warranty but not so old.  

Best Times to Shop:

Manufacturers introduce new appliance models in September, October & January. 

Refrigerator models tend to come out in the Spring. 

Dishwashers are cheaper in December. 

No matter the month, new models mean that since current inventory needs to be sold to make space for newer models, there tends to be lots of sales and promotions and other incentives for consumers to buy appliances.

These are the best months to find appliance sales. 

Best Holidays – Major holidays – Labor Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Black Friday,  Cyber Monday, Christmas, &  After Christmas sales are the best holidays to find major appliance deals.  
Pre-holiday sales – Most people tend to wait for the holiday to shop for appliances. I find that the week of a major holiday, leading up to the weekend’s sales, one can find amazing savings which are sometimes better than on the holiday day or weekend. Specially the week of Black Friday. Since Black Friday deals are posted early in the week, you can compare prices to find the best sale. Likewise, you can search for weekly ad previews online to see what the upcoming ad will be, and shop for the best savings for you. 

What if  you are in the middle of washing your clothes and the washer machine breaks down? My dryer decided to break down with a full load of wet clothes. Things tend to break down at inopportune times. Sometimes you can’t wait until the holidays to shop. You may need something right away. Luckily, big box stores like , and Walmart have sales on a regular basis, so you can still save. 

Best Buy’s Current Appliance Deals

Amazon Appliance Deals

There are lots of ways and resources available to save money. It may require a little footwork, but its worth it. 

Happy Savings, TaLis

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