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How to Get Affordable Bosch Kitchen Appliances

Bosch kitchen appliances in a kitchen

Bosch appliances are known for quality and beauty, but they are expensive. Just looking at the price make your eyes pop. However, Bosch kitchen appliances are affordable when you apply rebates, sales and other savings.

How to get affordable Bosch appliances:

Don’t just focus on the price. There are many ways to save on large appliances. People often forget to factor in rebates:

1 Through June 30, when you buy a qualifying Bosch Kitchen Appliances – 100, 300, 500, 800 and Benchmark Series – you may be able to receive up to a $1,500 Rebate. It depends on what you get.

Here is the rebate breakdown :

• Purchase a qualifying 3 piece package and earn $300
• Purchase a qualifying 4 piece package and earn $500
• Purchase a qualifying 5 piece package and earn $750
• Purchase a qualifying 6 piece package and earn $1,000
• Purchase a qualifying 7 piece package and earn $1,500

Click on image for details

Bosch Rebate

The rebate is issued via a Bosch Visa Prepaid card, (which you can use to buy food to stock up on your brand new fridge 😉)

Download Rebate Form: Bosch_Benchmark_KitchenPackage_Jan-June2020 or submit online at

2 Combine the above rebate with products on sale:

How to find Bosch products on sale

3 Look for additional savings that include installation, delivery and recycling your old appliances. These extra services can quickly add up otherwise.

4 For such a big purchase make sure to pay with a credit card that has a good rewards program. Whether its miles or cash back, this adds to your savings.

Can you afford a Bosch appliance? You’ll be surprised when you add the above savings and figure out to the final price. High quality products shouldn’t be overlooked because of the tag. They go on sale and clearance just like all the other brands and that’s when savvy shoppers score the best deals.

Happy savings, TaLis

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