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How to Get RebatesMe $40 Bonus

Easy $40 sign up bonus from RebatesMe using referral code GFBU7W. What you need to know to get it. Definitely read this first to avoid disappointment.

RebatesMe is a virtual shopping mall that pays shoppers cash back for shopping online through their web portal. Free to use, costs nothing to cash out, and pays real cash or gift cards.

RebatesMe – need to know before you sign up

You can score RebatesMe Sign up Bonus $40 for new members just by creating an account. Its like getting free money to shop. However, there are a couple of things you need to know to get the new member sign up bonus.

Sign up RebatesMe bonus varies between $10 – $40.

How to get RebatesMe $30 $40 Sign up Bonus

No matter what cash sign up bonus amount they have at the time that you signup, here’s how you get your signup bonus:

Referral Link

  1. First head over to using THIS link. If you simply enter the code you won’t get the new member bonus.
  2. Enter email and choose a password and click “Join Now
    • Your account will instantly show a $30 Bonus.
  1. Then browse RebatesMe for deals or your favorite store to start earning cash back.
  2. Once you earn $10 cash back you’ll get $40 to cash out.
rebates Me $40 dollars sign up bonus

While the $30 automatically shows up in your “account” under the “cash back & bonuses tab” you can’t yet withdraw your cash. This can be confusing if you don’t know the next step to cash out.

What you need to know to cash out the RebatesMe sign up bonus is that you have to use a code link with a high value bonus. Otherwise you might not get a new member bonus at all.

Additionally, when signing up with a referral code, your account cash back needs to show $10 in cash back earned. RebatesMe gives you a year to earn $10 cash back. With other cashback sites sometimes you get 30 days, for example.

How to Cash Out $40 Rebates Me

After signing up with this $30 sign up bonus link, Login to RebatesMe website and search for deals that will quickly earn high cash back.

However, follow Talis tips to get $40 to cash out in no time.

  • Find high cash back deals under the tab listed “Double Cash Back” as these are stores that are doubling the cash back rate. Rates listed are subject to change and vary by merchant.

For example, Perricone MD would normally pays 10% cash back. However, as of the date if this post, the cashback rate is 20%. Consider that Perricone products are a series of products to use to combat acne, you’ll end up getting quite a bit cash back in one shopping trip.

rebates me high cash back

  • Certain categories have higher cash back offers. Search for ‘beauty & personal care’ retailers. Here’s an example.
RebatesMe beauty and personal categories high cash back offers

  • RebatesMe Coupons, Promo Codes & Daily Deals are found under the “Deals”. Not only will you find retailer’s sales and discounts, in this section you’ll also find RebatesMe exclusive promo codes.
  • Buying gift cards through RebatesMe can also give you cash back. Especially for the holidays or birthdays when we tend to give away quite a bit in gift card money. I recommend you read the fine print however.
Rebates gift card cash back

TaLis Tip: Be careful to use promo codes only listed in RebatesMe. Any outside promo codes may forfeit your cash back.

  • Cash back for delivery services are also an excellent way get a lot of cash back quickly. Check out how much you can get for DoorDash
RebatesMe Doordash cash back

RebatesMe Freebies

With the RebatesMe sign up bonus there are freebies you can get after cash back.

Here are notable RebatesMe new member freebies after cash back or moneymakers

Smile Direct Club $18 Impression Kit = Moneymaker

RebatesMe Smile kit freebie

Now that you know where to get the most cash back on RebatesMe, all that’s left to do is Shop. Simply add items to your cart and check out. Then wait about a week for cash back to show up on your account, and you’re ready to cash out.

Cashing out of RebatesMe is free, and there are 4 ways to withdraw your earned cash back – check, gift card, Visa/Mastercard credit card and PayPal. Simply follow the directions and choose which way you’d like to be paid.

Note: if you don’t have PayPal click this link to get a $10 signup bonus after making your first transaction.

Sign up and score and easy $40 cash back from RebatesMe. Use my referral code GFBU7W and start getting cash back when you shop online.

I hope this helps you find more ways to save money, and get freebies too.

Happy savings, TaLis

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure HERE. Thank you.

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