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How to Get Professional Looking Holiday Cards Free with Canva

Start preparing for special events or holiday celebrations early and score free professional-looking holiday or greeting cards free.

In this post i’ll outline how you can design your own from scratch or use a template and customize it to get cards or invitations that are top-notch professional looking, including how to print it either free or use a service with a discount.

Not your typical crop and edit, Canva design tools add a professional look to personalized holiday cards

Canva is one of the best free online desing platforms. So popular, its used around the globe. No matter where you are in the world, its a great free resource to design your own holiday cards.

List of Canva Holiday Design Templates

  • Christmas Photo Cards
  • Family Newsletters
  • Personalized 2022 Calendar
  • Holiday Invitation Cards
  • Family t-shirts

It costs nothing to personalize your own professional looking holiday cards

To get started with your own invitation design just choose one of Canva’s holiday templates or start with a blank design and add context to make it your own.

For the non-artistic

No worries if you’re not artistic or don’t know where to start. Canva has a ton of suggestive designer tips and tools like color schemes, fonts and styles to give whatever you are designing and artistic and professional flair.

Writers Block

Don’t know what to write? Templates give you ideas on what to write in a holiday card or invitations. Find a design you like and simply edit with your name, or time or specific detail.

Canva Free & Canva Pro

A lot of Canva design tools are free. Some are exclusive to Pro Canva subscribers. What’s the difference? Canva Pro has A LOT of design tools and designs that are premium, like business branding tools, Canva teams, access to more pictures to name a few.

You can tell if a design is free because the image has an icon that says free, or it has a dollar sign or it says Pro. Either way, you can still use the design without having to pay for a Pro account if you don’t want to. You can search for all designs or narrow down your search to FREE templates. Pro designs are pretty cheap though. Prices start at $1.

To gets started with Canva FREE simply Create a Free Canva Account. When you first sign up you get 30 days FREE access to Canva Pro. After the 30 days you can either continue or cancel the Pro version and continue using Canva Basic, which is free.

All the designs you create, even the ones created during the free trial Pro Canva period will remain in your account.

Created a Design? Now What

Invitations, cards or whatever you designed can be printed directly through Canva platform to save time and money if you wish. With a choice of fast shipping, add a professional look to your custom made invitation by choosing one of 3 paper options and a special finish, and order as many as you need.

Alternatively, you can print your invitation with a PDF or image download created in Canva, and use any print service you wish. Check out big box store printing services like CVS, Walmart, Amazon printing service, Target Photo, which are often quite price competitive and have come along way in offering professional touches.

Get ideas that cover every possible topic imaginable with a professional look without the price

Once you create your own design, you have several ways to share it. Choose from email, social media, add to a presentation program (like Powerpoint or Google slides), download it to video or print it. No matter which you choose, the invitation will be uniquely yours, with a professional look, and you can access it forever.

Sign up for a Free Canva Basic account $0.

Free Templates – edit & download

holiday cards invitations template

Personalized T-Shirts

Steps to design your own t-shirt with Canva – Free

  1. Choose a T-shirt template or start with a blank template to create your own
  1. Design your t-shirt: upload an image, elements, text, etc…
  1. Choose the quantity, style, double-sided, sizes and colors.
  1. Order and get it delivered fast and free to your door.

Hope this helps you save money planning your next celebration.

Happy savings, TaLis

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