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10 Free Brainstorming Idea Templates To Get Organized

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Brainstorm ideas with a team or by yourself using any of these 10 free templates. Unorganized? These free templates from Canva help stay focused and reach your goal. For teams, the free templates allow to collaborate in real time for easy and fast free thinking solutions.

Canva is a design platform with thousands of free templates, images and other visual planning tools. However, Canva design content is also used to organize, manage, share and collaborate. It’s a complete project design management tool as well. Either for personal planning or business teams.

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While Canva is mostly used for business purposes (infographics, flyers, etc.) because it is an affordable marketing tool for any size business, the design platform is a hidden gem for personal use and in educational settings as well.

Canva has a free (basic) and a Pro plan. Additionally, there’s also what I call a ‘pay as you use’ fee structure. However, a lot of the Canva templates and design elements are free to use.

10 free Canva brainstorm templates and idea boards:

All the templates can be easily customized with different colors and animated features. In addition, you can add multiple pages under the same template. Each showing evolving ideas or a summary of the best plan. To see all the templates search for (‘Brainstorm Templates” in Canva)

1. Moodboard Brainstorm Template

A Mood board is an inspiration board like Pinterest. Except all the elements are in one page. Most people use it to plan around a wedding theme for example. However, the Moodboard Brainstorm template is limitless and you can create several pages with different inspiration ideas. This template reminds me of the book “The Secret“, where you create a board with all the things you want in your life. Just find a picture of what you want in your life and stick it in the mood board.

2. Digital Brainstorm Template

Easy to use Digital Brainstorm template with one side used to gather all your ideas and in the next column pick the favorite ones.

Canva Digital Brainstorm Template

3. Retro Brainstrom Template

Retro Brainstorm template is a fantastic debriefing template. Brainstorm ideas and have people vote for the favorite one. Make it fun with stars and other interactive features.

debriefing  template

4. Brainwriting Template

This template has 3 different page.tyles. The Brainwriting Brainstorm template simulates writing project ideas on a notepad. Great template to use when figuring out different ways to present written ideas or refine a document.

Great Canva template that simulates writing project ideas on a notepad.

5. Kanban Board Brainstorm Template

For tracking the workflow of a project, this brainstorming template is excellent. The Kaban Board is a fun template where to write tasks on sticky notes and then drag and drop ideas to the corresponding column. As the status of the plan updates, easily transfer tasks to the next column.

Canva template is excellent for tracking the workflow of a project

6. Start Stop Continue Brainstorm Template

This brainstorm template is great for brainstorming a project that requires you reflect on the progress and process of ideas. Hence the name.

canva template for brainstorming a project that requires you reflect on the progress and process of ideas

7. Affinity Diagram Brainstorm Template

The affinity diagram brainstorm template breaks down your ideas into categories. Great for organizing your thoughts.

Canva template for organizing ideas into categories

8. Visual Roadmap Brainstorm Template

A different way to brainstorm ideas is creating a road map to milestones you want to achieve in your project. The visual roadmap brainstorm template adds cute sparkling stars at the end to mark the achievement of your plan.

9. ICE Prioritization Brainstorm Template

ICE stands for impact, ease, confidence. A simple collaborative template. the ICE prioritization brainstorm template comes in handy for projects that require assessment. Additionally, this template is helpful for do-it-yourself people when visualizing home projects or a home budget.

collaborative template. Comes in handy for projects that require assessment.

10. Mind Map Brainstorm Template

Brainstorm all thoughts and ideas with sticky notes. The mind map brainstorm template is a great template to create a visual diagram to show relationships between ideas or information. Be creative using colors, words or images. This template is fantastic when doing comparison shopping. house hunting? comparing appliances? Use the sticky notes with pros & cons and include an image to jiggle your memory when comparing.

How to collaborate with Canva brainstorm templates

  1. Choose a template
  2. Customize your chosen template
  3. Share with your team (click on the share button (above right) and enter the person’s email
  4. Work together in real time with your team.

To use the Canva free basic plan simply sign up with your email and start creating. However, you can also sign up with the option to try Canva Pro trial for 30 days. and use all of the Canva Pro tools for free. (You’ll need a credit card to try it out, but you won’t be charged unless you continue with the subscription). If you sign up for the trial you’ll also be reminded a few days before the end of the free 30 days in case you change your mind.

Additionally, for complex or big businesses, there’s a Canva for Enterprise plan, which is also free to try for 30 days. Canva ‘pay as you use‘ is basically using the Canva free plan, but you pay for a premium feature (like a stock image for example). Prices for premium or pro design element start at $1.

Canva Pro is billed monthly ($12.95/month) or annually (comes out to $9.95/month). If you signed up for the free trial, Canva will send you a reminder a few days before so you can choose your payment method or cancel.

Whichever plan you choose, your creations stays in your design folder. They’re accessible anywhere through the Canva cloud platform, which is free. Moreover, Canva designs can be done on a PC as well as with the Canva app.

several idea and brainstorm Canva templates that are free
Search for “Brainstorm Templates” to see more templates

I can imagine using any of the templates to brainstorm ideas for a birthday party – complete with plans for party theme decor, pictures of the menu with stickys used for the recipes and another one for ingredients. Then add a page for your shopping list using stickys for grocery list, and another sticky for party favors, and so on.

In the educational setting however, these brainstorming templates are particularly useful for collaborating and planning how classroom lessons and activities will be taught. As schools need to keep everyone healthy during the pandemic, back to school is different no matter which back to school teaching model the school is choosing. Homeschooling, virtual classrooms or hybrid back to school learning models is a struggle for teachers and families.

Whether its using a board to plan seating arrangements or virtual lesson plans, brainstorming ideas can be fun and colorful with the Canva brainstorm templates.

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Other Canva uses: Education

Canva is a great resource to create classroom lesson plans, worksheets, real time collaborations with school staff and many other things (especially now that due to the pandemic lesson plans and classroom activities require social distance or are virtual), plus Canva Pro is free for teachers! For students its a fantastic free resource for academic and school projects. For personal use however, it is organization bliss for any home or lifestyle project.

Canva’s free brainstorming tools is designer’s and organizers utopia. Edit any of the brainstorm templates and start visualizing your plans, get your creative side flowing and turn your ideas into reality.

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Some graphics made with Canva.

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