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Where to Find Amazon Promotional Codes

I am not referring to the coupons that you search on or Google by typing ‘Amazon coupons”. That’s one way to get coupons and discounts for Amazon. I am referring to promotional codes that save up to 90% discount on select products

shop with promo codes on amazon

Got questions? Looking for something? Drop a comment below.

Amazon promotional codes 

Promo codes are usually a combination of letters and numbers. The product information will either specify a ‘promo code for you to enter at checkout‘ or to make it easier, the link automatically adds the promo code to your cart at checkout and done! No need to copy and paste the code to your cart.

Most promo codes are single use, meaning that it can only be applied to one product. So if you want to buy 2 of the same product, you’ll have to apply a different code for it at checkout. With multi-used codes however, you can buy as many of the same product as you’d like using the same code.

Here is what it looks like: In this example, you’re given a text link 

amazon promo code link example

Once you click on the link, the items eligible for the discount appear. These may include different colors or sizes. In the example below, the code works for only one product. 

product for sale using amazon promo code

If you wish to purchase the product, add it to your cart.  Note: the subtotal will not reflect the discount price. The total discounted price will be listed before you place your order. This is confusing though, because the subtotal does not reflect the discount, and it seems as though the savings aren’t applied. The picture below shows you what I mean. Don’t worry, you’ll see the savings after you click “proceed to checkout”.

amazon product added to cart proceed to checkout

When you click “proceed to checkout”, the code will be automatically added to your cart and discounted at checkout. In the image above, the product is added to checkout but it doesn’t reflect the discount. However, as I discussed before, there’s no need to copy and paste the code. That’s time consuming.  Instead it is automatically added, and you’ll see the discounted price when you place the order. This is what it looks like:

amazon promo code to enter at checkout oral B toothbrush refills
amazon promo code at checkout - saving with promo codes

In this case, you just enter the provided code at checkout to get the discount. To view more details and or shop for this product just click on the image.

Where to Find Amazon Promotional Codes

Frequently asked questions:

Can promo code & coupon be used together?

Absolutely! In addition to the promo code, sometimes there may be an additional coupon which you can clip to add at checkout. In the picture above, there was an additional coupon which was applied at checkout. Double savings!

Is an Amazon Membership required?

An Amazon Prime membership is not required, but helpful.
* Not sure about membership? Try it free for 30 days.
* Prime Membership discounts are available for qualifying EBT & Medicaid Holder as well as College Students

What about shipping cost?

Most products listed have free shipping. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can choose free 2 day shipping as well. 

If you have any further questions please leave a comment below. There are several ways to save money shopping on Amazon. Using Promo Codes is just one way. Ready to shop?

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