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How Nonprofits can Get Canva Pro Free

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Free for non profits – Canva Pro subscription for the price of $0. With Canva Pro you also get Canva Teams. Nonprofit staff in your organization can create eye-catching impactful designs and collaborate in real time.

Especially when people are unable to be together in person during COVID times. Take advantage of Canva Pro free subscription for nonprofits to maximize your organization’s goals while saving grant money.

Canva is a designing platform with a worldwide presence. Easy to use tools for personal use as well as education and business. Under the business umbrella however, nonprofits can get free access to Canva Pro

Canva Pro Features

  • Images are free – over 75 million+ premium images and video
  • Magic resize images – turn one design into different sizes for different social media and publishing platforms with one click
  • Background remover – transparent backgrounds to match your content
  • Premium animations
  • Thousands of fonts
  • designer-made templates
  • Brand Kit
  • Content Planner
  • Extra folders
  • Logo maker
  • Schedule marketing and activity events
  • Teams
Canva Pro Team Key Features

How to get Canva Pro Free for Nonprofits

What are Canva’s Eligibility Guidelines to qualify?

Per Canva nonprofit eligibility guidelines

  • Registered nonprofits worldwide
  • Social impact organizations with a mission consistent with a public or community benefit
  • Public health organizations, and government entities assisting with public health

Organizations that do not have a 501(c)3 designation, but rather a 501(c)4, 501(c)6 or other nonprofit status, do not qualify

For educators and staff in a k-12 educational setting qualify for Canva for Education.

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While Canva is an Australia based company, Canva free for NonProfits is available throughout the world. From US to Paraguay to Kazakhstan and others.

A fantastic tool for nonprofits with agencies spread out globally.

The documentation required for eligibility varies based on the type of nonprofit as well as country. A Certificate of NPO Registration, Governing documentation that states your mission, evidence of your public health status are documents that may be required for example.

It seems that if your organization has a 501(c)3 designation you may qualify. This may include churches as well. However, ultimately, the Canva team makes the decision.

Nonetheless, you can try Canva Pro free for 30 days simply sign up for and apply for nonprofit free access. Either way you can start creating immediately after signup.

You can still use the free version of Canva if you don’t qualify. Whatever you created is not lost if you decide you don’t want the Pro version. The free version of Canva is free forever as well, and still has awesome tools your organization would still benefit from.

Morever, if you come across a design that is available to Pro subscribers, it can be purchased. Prices start at $1.

Canva Pro Teams

Limited time deal: Sign up for 1 Canva Pro account.

To get started with Canva Teams is a no-brainer. After signing up for the Pro version create a team by inviting your teammates, colleagues, co-workers, consultants and whoever you want. Simply send them an email through Canva Pro Teamsinvite members” under “Home” tab.

how to invite team to Canva
Create with Canva Pro for NonProfits

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What can you do with Canva as a NonProfit?

The Canva platform is constantly expanding and adding new features. That being said, consider what your nonprofit does in regards to marketing, publish, sharing and the impact on your marketing budget.

  • Canva offers several social media templates
  • Scheduled social media posts
  • flyers
  • videos
  • event marketing – create, design, distribute to different marketing and media outlets
  • design and print cards
  • promotional products like mugs, t-shirts, stickers, to name a few
  • brochures
  • newsletters
  • presentations
  • invitations

I think you get the idea. There’s a lot to do with Canva either Free or Pro. Canva also has easy to follow tutorials and presentations to support users.

Canva can be accessed on PC/laptops web or phone/tablet app via App Store or Google Play Store. In the Play Store alone, Canva has been downloaded over 100 Million times.

Canva isn’t free only for nonprofits though. Canva is also free for teachers around the globe, and has a Canva for education component, following the company’s goal to “make the world a better place through positive actions, inclusion and diversity”.

Canva Pro free resource for nonprofits is an invaluable tool to reach an organization’s pontential. Check it out and sign up. You can always cancel if you don’t like it, but why turn away from something that is FREE??

Happy savings, TaLis

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free Canva for NonProfiits

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Is Canva Pro worth it? Try it free for 30 days.

Start Here » Deals » How Nonprofits can Get Canva Pro Free

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