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Did You Stop Getting CVS Coupons? 10 Things you can do to Get Them Again

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What I did to get CVS Coupons Again:

After signing up with the CVS Extracare Program, I regularly received CVS coupons.  One day, they suddenly stopped. I didn’t get anymore. I checked my profile to verify I had the option to receive their emails checked – it was checked.  Well, why did CVS stop sending me coupons? I called customer support to ask if there was something wrong with my account.  Nothing was wrong, nothing had changed, their system showed my account was registered and active.
I tried everything I could think of to try to figure out why weeks after weeks I didn’t get any coupons. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the app, I unchecked the opt-in email box in the hopes of re-triggering the account. Nothing……..Nothing   😞

If this is happening to you, I want you to know I feel your frustration.  As I joined different CVS related groups and forums, I found this is a common thing that happens to a lot of CVS rewards members.  Some people opt for getting a new card in order to start getting CVS coupons again.  I didn’t want to open a new account though, because it meant having to start all over again with establishing a purchase history. 

CVS uses your purchase history to determine what coupons to give you.  This meant that I would not be getting coupons for the items I regularly purchase.  Instead, I would be getting random coupons, and I may get them for items I don’t purchase.  In other words, I would be missing out on saving for items I purchase. Getting the CVS coupons was critical in getting awesome CVS deals that were either free or nearly free, as I would stack the CVS coupons with extracare bucks (ECBs), manufacturer coupons and coupon apps to save money. 

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Well, I figured it out, and I didn´t have to get a new card. This post is about how I got CVS % and scanner coupons again. There are 9 things you can do, outlined in the sections below. #10 is listed as an alternative and last choice if you wish.

As I was determined to keep my current card, I continued searching for an answer. I tried several things and finally found why I was not getting coupons from CVS! The first three steps is what the website recommends. However, these didn’t work.  I am including them here just to cover all the bases. Once I did all 5 steps, I got my coupons back! 

Save money CVS with Ibotta
Pay with ibotta CVS

1. Verify Account

Verify that your account is set up to get CVS coupons. Yes, you were getting them so it should be set up – but since you’re not getting them right now, check just in case:  Log into your CVS account and check your profile to ensure that the option to receive emails from CVS is checked.       

How to check: Sign into your account at and click on the ‘Extracare’ tab.  There you can see your extracare card number.  Then click ‘show account details’.  Here you can ensure that you have subscribed to receive extracare emails.

 On this page you can also sign on to receive pharmacy emails. Note: If you are a first time user, you must first create a CVS account. Then separately,  join the extracare reward program, and you’ll get a cvs card account number.  Link your extracare card to the online account by clicking on extracare as listed above and complete the information about your card. 

2. CVS Support

 Contact CVS customer support and let them know you are no longer receiving coupons.  They will verify on their end that you are indeed subscribed for them.  When I did this, I was subscribed, yet I was not receiving them.  The agent explained that this sometimes the coupons are emailed to new subscribers.  I still wasn’t content with this answer.  I had been a member for several years when I stopped getting the coupons.  Certainly not a new member. 😟  Here’s the number where they can be reached: 1-800-SHOP-CVS (1-800-746-7287)

3. CVS App

Download the CVS app again and link your ExtraCare card to the app.  Doing this also has you re-enter your email. Sometimes this resets the app and downloads the deals, coupons and other alerts. You can choose to send them to the card or print them at home. Worth a try. 


Most people don’t know about HIPAA and CVS. HIPAA is a privacy authorization that allows CVS Pharmacy® to record the prescription earnings of each person who joins the ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards program, which is tied to your ExtraCare card.  

Given that CVS is a pharmacy, it makes sense to sign up for their pharmacy rewards and health programs and not only the extracare program.  Check your HIPAA Authorization under your pharmacy rewards to ensure it is current.

According to, “your signed authorization is valid for 5 years“. You’ll need to sign again to maintain enrollment and continue earning within the ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards program.” This might explain why I stopped getting coupons after years of membership.

How to renew your HIPAA authorization

To renew your HIPAA authorization you have to update your information at Once there,  you will see the following screen:

sign up ExtraCare pharmacy & health rewards program at CVS

In order to renew the HIPAA authorization you will need to have a prescription bottle or your prescription history pulled up online so that you can enter an Rx number from a previous prescription, the store number where you filled the prescription and your date of birth.

Once you agree to the terms, and you will get a final message of Success! I’ve been a rewards member for about 10 years.  I have yet to receive an email from CVS to renew or update this authorization.  Have you?  I also had a hard time finding HIPAA information when I searched it on their website.  I found it by searching the web. 

What made me think of the HIPAA? I was helping someone sign up for the rewards program and the authorization form came up.  It was an “AHA!” moment when I read that it needed to be renewed, and I had not received a reminder to renew. Its worth checking yours out. I’ve had to renew mine a couple of times already. Less than the stated 5 years.

5. Prescription

Another thing that can trigger getting coupons again is to fill a prescription. Throughout the year, if you fill 10 prescriptions you get $5 ecb. But filling  either a new or old prescription activates your pharmacy rewards as well.

As I mentioned before, the two types of rewards seem to be connected. If you are a lucky healthy person, then this might be a challenge. There are however, medicines that you can get a prescription for.

For example, high doses of Sudafed or another type of pain killer, prescription Miralax to name a few. You can ask your pharmacist what over the counter medicines are also available in prescription. If one fits a condition you have, this may be an option. 

About Extracare Card & Pharmacy Rewards

Are the two programs connected? Yes! *this part is important:

Extracare Rewards: CVS gives you exclusive coupons based on your purchase history. Log into your and go to the pharmacy option. In that page you can see a list of all your past purchases.  You can also view your online orders linked to your ExtraCare account. The two are connected, therefore, one affects the other.

Pharmacy Rewards – how are they connected? The following is from

“A separate authorization is necessary for each person who joins ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards. Adults 18 years and older must sign individually; parents or guardians can sign for children under 18”. 

cvs pharmacy

This means that  one must have a CVS pharmacy account that has HIPAA authorized, and thus, an extracare account that is active. According to CVS,

When you first join, your pharmacy record will load your ExtraCare® number to link that you purchased a prescription (it won’t contain any medical information about the prescription) back to the ExtraCare account. If necessary, your contact information (including your full name, address and phone numbers) will be used to update the ExtraCare account. After you join, your contact information will be used to communicate with you about ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards benefits, related new programs and offers”.

“In addition, each program member sharing the same ExtraCare card will be identified separately for the accumulation of Pharmacy & Health ExtraBucks Rewards®. To calculate rewards, ExtraCare will receive the quantity of prescriptions purchased, immunizations administered and other actions that count toward rewards for each of you. The HIPAA Authorization you signed will remain in effect for 1 year from the date it was signed. You’ll continue to earn under the ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards® program until your HIPAA Authorization expires. At that point, you’ll need to sign again to stay in the program and keep earning.

CVS & health rewards. how to earn ECB when filling prescriptions.

6. Take a Break

Take a break from using CVS. I know its hard after getting such great deals, but there are other ways to save money without CVS coupons that you can do while you sort the CVS coupons issue. When you stop using your CVS card for a while, CVS will notice. Whenever I’ve done this, I’ve received offers via mail and email. Here is an example:

cvs coupon email
cvs coupon rebate

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7. Shop

Adding a product to your shopping cart but not buying it also triggers an email from CVS. You’ll get a reminder email indicating that you have items left in your shopping cart.

This is something that a lot of retailers do too. After a while, the reminding email also comes with a coupon to complete the shopping transaction. Try this and see what happens. 

8. CVS Contact

Have you added CVS as a contact on your phone book? Quite often emails land in the spam folder. To have CVS coupons go directly to your inbox add CVS email address to your contacts. 

9. Surveys

One reader commented that she started getting CVS coupons again after completing a survey. CVS often sends surveys to find out about your CVS shopping experience, especially after picking up a prescription. If you get surveys – complete them. In fact, do this for any merchant you’d like to get coupons and special offers for. In general, merchants do reward loyal members.

10. New CVS Card

Any of the above steps work. However, in case you can’t refill a prescription or none of the above triggers your account, as a last resort you can get a new CVS card. Not the best option as this means you have to start building up your shopping history again in order to get the right coupons

I didn’t have to get a new card. As I wrote this, I was not receiving coupons so the pictures posted here I took as I was renewing the  HIPAA authorization and figuring out how to get CVS coupons again. 

Which step worked for me?

#4 and #5 is the step that worked for me. Renewing the HIPPA and filling a prescription. CVS is a pharmacy and as such, I figured that their main purpose is to attract customers to get medicine and in the process grab groceries and other products that are conveniences to pick up while you’re there. The other steps work too. Every case is different, so all the steps are worth trying. Find the one that works for you.

Hope this helps. If it does, leave a comment below –  happy savings,


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