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Not Getting CVS Coupons? How to Still Save

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For some reason, CVS coupons can suddenly stop being delivered after receiving them for a long time. But, whether you are used to shopping with CVS coupons or not, there are several ways to still save money at CVS. Here’s how:

Use manufacturer coupons – find them in the CVS app, printable coupon sources as well as inserts when you shop.

Use digital coupons –  no need to print these coupons, find them in the coupons.com app.  

Cashback & rebate apps – are you familiar with Ibotta, Savingstar, Fetch Rewards, Checkout 51, Shopkick? You should because you can stack these coupon apps with CVS coupons, as well as manufacturer coupons.  

Apps to use at CVS:

Combine manufacturer coupons and digital coupons with cash back rebate offers to double your savings. This is known as ‘stacking‘.

Pay with an app that gives you cash back. This is like paying with a gift card instead of a credit card or cash at checkout. Except that when you pay with a gift card in an app, you earn money.

Join CVS reward program, known as Extracare Rewards. Present your rewards card every time you shop to earn 2% back in rewards every you use it. Earn “extracare bucks”

Join CVS Beauty Club. This is in addition to what you earn through the Extracare program. For every $30 you spend on beauty products you’ll earn $3 extrabucks. Categories include makeup, skin care, hair care and fragrance.

Join Pharmacy & Health Rewards. Every time fill a prescription at CVS you’ll receive credit. Receive $5 extrabucks for every 10 prescriptions filled.

The red kiosk inside CVS should be the first stop for every CVS shopping trip. Scan your card to receive special discounts and coupons that you can use at checkout. Tip: scan several times until you get a message telling you got all your coupons.

Use extrabucks to pay at checkout. Extrabucks are ‘CVS money’. You can check your extrabucks balance online or through the CVS app. If you don’t have any Extracarebucks (or ECB), Fetch Rewards is the only app I know that you can redeem for a CVS gift card. Use this gift card to pay for deals and get extrabucks.

Fill out any CVS surveys you receive. You may get extrabucks or discoount coupons for completing them.

Sign up to receive CVS emails. These often have special savings tailored to your shopping habits.

Check the weekly CVS flyer and shop for products when there are sales. CVS weekly ad is published online every Thursday, and a hard copy is found on Sunday’s paper.

Don’t forget to ask for a ‘raincheck’ if the product you want on sale is not in stock. This will lock in the sale price, and you can buy it when it is stocked again, but pay the sale price.

Note: If you are having issues with CVS coupons, until you get your CVS coupons again, use the above resources to keep saving money. Shopping at CVS can be expensive, but ussing coupons and other type of saving methods really helps keep the cost down.

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Happy savings, TaLis

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