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Amazon Pantry Stock Up Time – How to Find Savings

It’s pantry stock up time at Amazon!! How to combine Pantry prices with promos and coupons to score amazing super low – stock up prices.

Amazon Pantry is an extension of Amazon Prime that has low priced grocery products like snacks, beauty, cleaning and other household products.

Prime members get Prime Pantry exclusive coupons, promotions plus free shipping on orders over $35. In select areas, a non-prime member can order Prime pantry items plus a $5.99 shipping fee.

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How to save on Amazon Pantry

Prime Pantry offers a lot of products on sale, and often already have low prices. However, Amazon also has coupons to clip on the select products. To save money on Amazon pantry products simply clip the coupon on the product page to automatically get the discount at checkout.

In addition to the coupons, you can also save more by stacking Amazon’s Pantry promotions that the product may qualify for.

Current Pantry Promos

Subscribe & Save

Save up to 15% plus FREE shipping on thousands of products. There are no fees for using subscribe& save feature and you can cancel anytime.

Buy 3, Save $10:

Amazon often has Buy X and Save $ type deals. The products vary from groceries to household supplies.

Select products include Glad, Swiffer, Tide & others

How Prime Pantry Coupons & Promotions Work

  • Prime Pantry product are broken into these categories: Grocery, cleaning & home, health & wellness, beauty & grooming and Amazon Brands.
amazon pantry categories

In the example below, Quilted Northern is regularly priced at $7.47 and marked down 20%. Clip the additional coupon for extra saving, and you get an additional savings.

amazon pantry quilted northern deal.
  • Prime Discounts and coupons change regularly. So if you see something you use on sale, grab it right away before it changes or supplies run out. Especially with high demand products.
  • In order to get free shipping items must be purchased in a single order and shipped at the same speed to a single address

Stock Up Tip: Don’t have room to stock so many products but still want to save?

Sometimes the option to purchase in large quantities is more cost effective than buying single or a couple of items. However, we don’t always have the space to stock up but would sure love to get the low price. But everything has a solution:

I watched a tv reality show about an extended family who – although they lived in their own homes – they all pooled their money together to buy groceries. Because they were buying in bulk, they got a lower price. The families paid an equal share, and everyone stocked their home with what they could store. What an awesome idea! Ask your family & friends if they want to go in on the deals and save money.

Finding deals: Pantry Products by Category

(Prime & non prime)

A common mistake people make is thinking that because the Amazon price of the item doesn’t show a slashed original price it is not a sale. Check out and compare the prices below to consider the quantity vs the unit price to see if its less or the same of what you regularly pay. Often, an Amazon hack is to search for %off (which you can edit in the search bar below) to find stock up prices. Edit your search – instead of %off, add ” pantry clearance” or “pantry deals”.

Amazon Promo Codes for Grocery & Health Items

Prime Pantry Deals

Hope this helps you save money pantry shopping.

Happy savings, TaLis

pantry stock pile

Happy savings, TaLis

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