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Get Bonus Points for a Gift Card From Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a mobile app that gives users points for snapping pictures of grocery and receipts to the app. These points are then redeemed for gift cards. Basically, by downloading Fetch Rewards you’re saving money for doing something you do anyway – shop.

New Fetch Rewards users get 2,000 bonus points after snapping a picture of any receipt to the app.

How to get Fetch signup points

  1. Download Fetch Rewards app to your iPhone or Android phone
  2. Enter code ToYVQ and create a free account
  3. After download, upload a picture of any grocery receipt to the app:
    • How to upload receipt to Fetch app – click on the yellow camera icon on the bottom and snap a picture of your receipt.
  4. Once your account shows 3,000 points select “redeem’ at the bottom, and choose points value to redeem.

A 1000 Fetch points = $1. The minimum Fetch points to redeem: 3000 fetch points.

Get a free $3 gift card from:

  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Panera

Ways to earn on Fetch

  • Earn more Fetch points by purchasing products from certain brands at any store .
  • Purchase brands listed on Fetch Rewards. Products like Dove, Axe, Kraft, Pepsi among others earn extra points.
  • Link Fetch to your Amazon account
  • Link Fetch to the email where you get e-receipts.
  • Enter Fetch sweepstakes
  • Pay with Fetch feature

Fetch review: It has over a million downloads from both the app store & playstore. Review scores on the play store is 4.3 out of 5. Personally, I love it. However, my review score would not be a 5 either. The app sometimes doesn’t recognize a product that qualifies. It does have a feature where you review your receipt and correct it before submitting it, so I still get credit. However, because I have to make corrections quite often, it is cumbersome, so it strikes the perfect score.

There are so many ways to save! Earning cash back with apps has made paying full price is a thing of the past.

Happy savings, TaLis

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