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How Make Money with Swagbucks

Getting paid for taking online surveys or completing polls is a great option to add extra cash to your wallet. There are a lot of sites that pay you for doing surveys, but finding one that is legitimate and won’t sell  your email or personal information is important. Online surveys can be time consuming however. You don’t want to be half way done with a survey, and then find out that you don’t qualify, and ended up wasting time. If you already do surveys online, you know what I mean. You also don’t want to spend a ton of time answering survey questions that earn very little. As I look around for sites where I can earn money for taking online surveys, and came across Swagbucks. My first question when looking for extra cash surveys: ‘Is Swagbucks worth signing up for?’ so I decided to check it out. 

First, I have to find out if Swagbucks a legitimate company?  Is this a company that keeps its word? Is going to pay me or is it going to be a hassle to get my earnings? Will it be a lot of work to earn? I’ll spare you all the time consuming details of my search, but in a nutshell, it turns out that this company is legit. I looked at a lot of info about this company, but the biggest influence in my decision is what people write about it. It means a lot if most people (can’t please everyone) – give it a good review. I found that Swagbucks is considered one of the best website for taking paid surveys online. 

How Swagbucks works

Surveys & Polls
According to the Swagbucks website, they partner with numerous brands who want to do research and need consumer’s opinion. Swagbucks then pays consumers (you) for providing their opinion to these companies.  So you would earn what they call Swagbucks or SB, by taking surveys, and completing polls. The site claims there are daily polls and surveys to complete. 


watch videos

There are also videos to watch. Without signing up, their website shows that there are a ton of videos to choose from. They are different lengths, and most earn 1 SB. Different topics too.  This may be a good way to pass time while waiting at a doctor’s appointment. Since they have a mobile app, this seems like a very easy task to do anywhere.

Shopping Online

swagbucks cashback
Shopping Online

SB can also be earned when shopping online. So for example, say you are buying something at Macy’s online, instead of going directly to the Macy’s website, go to Swagbucks website first, and then click on their Macys link.  Currently, there is a promo which gives 6 SB for every $1 spent. But earnings aren’t just through shopping. The site also serves as a search engine that gives lets you earn while browsing online. 6 SB doesn’t seem like much, but clicking around their webpage, the link “Discover Deals” shows they also have other promotions that have bigger SB payouts.

other ways to get swagbucks

Swagbucks is more of a one stop shop for saving and earning cash. I like it. I’m not stuck with just doing surveys or watching videos. I can also earn back on things I regularly buy – like Ziploc bags, and also just for browsing online. 

Redeeming Swagbucks

gift cards
Redeeming Swabucks

SB are redeemed for gift cards, including PayPal gift cards. All the major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy are affiliated with them, so there are plenty of ways to get freebies by using these gift cards. You can also use your SB to donate to charities.
For example, to redeem for a PayPal card you need 2500 SB or redeem 300 SB for a $3 Amazon card. Additionally, they also have gift card promotions where you can redeem for gift cards that cost less SB amounts.

Final verdict: Swagbucks is worth signing up for! It is more than just paid surveys, there are a lot of ways to earn. Completing polls, shopping online, watching videos, browsing and using their shopping deals offers more savings and earning potential. Therefore, I will be signing up. Want to join too? Check it out  There is a $5 sign-up bonus when you join. Tip: check your email & verify your account. To learn more or sign up visit Swagbucks.

Happy Savings,  TaLis 

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