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eBooks Monthly Discount Specials – Psychology, Education & Math

Don’t pay full price – get a discount on these e-book categories

Every month the largest online ebooks retailer selects specific book categories to sell at a 20% discount. These book categories change monthly, but regularly include academic textbooks, books for professionals, and career development books which don’t often go on sale. For professionals who need to maintain their credentials and keep up with the latest in their profession are able to save money on books that are normally sold at a higher price. In addition, for college students that prefer to have textbooks readily available on a portable device, eBooks monthly discount specials also helps lower the cost of expensive textbooks.

During the month of January, enter code Categorysalecp to get 20% off ebooks.com in the following 5 book categories:

The New Psychology of Love
Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents
Your Brain on Food

*Note: A few publishers don’t allow discounting.

Happy savings, TaLis

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