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Games, Psych & Other Summer e-Books Savings (June 2021)

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During the month of June save 20% off select eBooks categories that focus on video games, budgeting, elections, conspiracy and others

This month entertain yourself with fun e-books on your phone, tablet, or e-reader that are fun or intriguing or discover income streams with ebooks about e-commerce or home-based business.

e-textbooks & e-Books coupon for June 2021

How it works:

Every month the largest online ebooks retailer selects specific book categories to sell at a 20% discount. These book categories change monthly, but regularly include academic e-textbooks, test prep ebooks, and career development books which don’t often go on sale. For professionals who need to maintain their credentials and keep up with the latest in their profession use the available coupon to save.

Don’t pay full price – get a discount on these e-book categories:

Political Science
Psychology & Psychiatry

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For college students that prefer to have textbooks readily available on a portable device, eBooks monthly discount specials also help lower the cost of expensive textbooks, and you can study on the go.

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Happy savings, TaLis

*Note: A few publishers don’t allow discounting.

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