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Unadvertised 20% Off Ebooks Genre

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During this month save 20% off select eBooks categories for additional savings

Save money on college textbooks, professional books or just goodreads

e-textbooks & e-Books coupon

How it works:

Every month EBooks – the largest online ebooks retailer selects specific book categories to sell at a 20% discount. These book categories are unadvertised and change monthly.

These include academic e-textbooks, test prep ebooks, and career development and professional books which don’t often go on sale.

For professionals who need to maintain their credentials and keep up with the latest in their profession use the available coupon to save.

This month EBOOKS has a 20% discount on these e-book categories:

Folklore & Mythology
Language Arts & Disciplines
Sports & Recreation

enter code Categorysalecp at checkout

For college students that prefer to have textbooks readily available on a portable device, eBooks monthly discount specials also help lower the cost of expensive textbooks, and you can study on the go.

Note that the coupon is not listed on the website. Simply Add to cart the books in the above category and enter the code. Discount is listed prior to buying.

What book are you searching for?

Happy savings, TaLis

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