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Best Coupon Organizer – Accordion File

I used to keep a binder for storing all my coupons in addition to having an envelope for carrying the coupons used on a shopping trip. However, sometimes I would go to the store and find an incredible deal, only to miss out on it because I left that coupon at home. Not anymore.

I no longer do that. There are many ways how to organize coupons. Some people prefer to use the clip n go method, others prefer to use the binder method.

My favorite is the Accordion File Method.

The accordion file method is a great alternative to the Binder Method.

No matter how you sort your coupons, (acording to brand, store, etc.), an accordion file can be adjusted to what works for you.

All the coupons can be fitted in a small, envelope size accordion file

I am able to carry all my manufacturer coupons, restaurant coupons as well as store coupons with me when I go shopping without any bulkiness or hassle.

It is the perfect size for convenience as it is easy it is to carry!

I found this method to be small enough to fit in a handbag, fits well in the baby seat of the shopping cart (for those of us who don’t have babies), and is light weight. 

Letter size accordion file closed showing a manufacturer coupon

Size varies depending on the manufacturer, but a maximum length of 11 inches and a height of about 4 inches works perfectly.

If you want to try this method, there are a few things to consider when choosing an accordion file

Expansion: How many coupons will the file hold?

There are several styles of envelope size accordion folders that are useful for organizing coupons. Some expand only in the top, and some allow for expansion of the top and the bottom. 

At first I purchased the pink accordion file pictured here. This file only expands at the top, the bottom doesn’t expand.  So when the sections are stretched it forms a V shape.

accordion file with red circle in the bottom showing it doesn't stretch

I found this type of file to be limiting, because it only allows for a limited amount of clippings within a section.  

Additionally, I also found that I had to pull out all the contents inside of a section to be able to see its contents comfortably, because it doesn’t expand enough.

I found another type of accordion file that expands in the top as well as the bottom. Pictured below, this one allows for an unlimited number of coupons because the entire file expands like an accordion.  The pink one shown above doesn’t expand like an accordion.

If as you’re reading this post you’re thinking of getting an envelope size accordion file to sort your coupons or receipts, there are a few things I recommend you consider first.

Material: Nor rain or snow will ruin my coupons

You want something that is not only sturdy, but durable and that won’t get wet. Plastic works best. It is bendable as well as water resistant. Your alternative choices are paper or manila, faux leather and leather. However, these can easily get wet, and water can damage your coupons and the file itself can be ruined.

Closure Type:  Don’t lose your coupons

The worst thing that can happen is to have all your coupons fall out. Paying close attention to how the folder keeps its contents secure and inside the binder is super important.

An elastic band with a clip that twists spells trouble because the clip will loosen with use over time.

Snaps can easily pop open, so its best to stay away from that type of closure.

My file has an elastic band that swings under the file, and wraps around a button. I’ve never had an issue with it getting loose or swinging open. Thus, I would recommend this one. Others have an elastic band that wraps around the whole folder. These work well too.

My compact and light coupon organizer

compact and light red and clear envelope size accordion file - saving with talis

Number of Tabs: sorting your coupons

I have only found files with up to 13 tabs. Some have less. How many tabs to get on your accordion file depends on how you plan to file your coupons.  

A general rule I use is that the more tabs, the more uses it has. It would be fantastic if I could find a file with 26 tabs.

I needed more than 13 tabs  since I like to file things alphabetically. However, I was able to customize the file by adding enough tabs to fit my needs. 

I did this by using card stock paper, cut it to size and inserted them between each tab to increase the amount of sections.  Additionally, I use peel and stick labels over the tabs to edit sections as I tweaked my couponing process. 

There have been times in which I can barely stretch the elastic band to close the file.  Yet it holds everything securely. Unfortunately this accordion file is no longer available, but there are some excellent alternatives. These are a couple that are very similar:

Uquelic & Casaon make an expandable check size folder that is 10 x 5 inches

Mini Expanding File Folders, 13-Pocket Small Accordion File Folder, 7 x4.5 Inches

Other Coupon Organizers

There are several ways to save or make money. Whether you’re looking to extreme save with coupons or simply not bother clipping, coupons are an easy money saving solution.

Happy savings, TaLis

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accordion file with red circle in the bottom showing it doesn't stretch

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