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The New Coupons App – How Does It Work

The Coupons app isn’t new, but it is now better. It uses the Savingstar app format, but better and easier to use.

SavingStar was the first rebate app that gave cash back for shopping online or in store for groceries. It was founded in 2010, and in 2020 was changed into Coupons.com app.

The coupons.com app in 2023 then changed to Shopmium

The old Savingstar app

Savingstar offered grocery and cash back for shopping online and at select supermarkets and pharmacies. However, you had to first activate the rebates in order to redeem them later. The rebates also had a limit of how many were available. First come first serve.The best ones, or the ones that also had a matchup deal, would go quickly.

The NEW coupons.com app

Coupons  app and Savingstar rebates

With the integration of Savingstar into the new Coupons app, users get the good functionality of both old Savingstar app and the Coupons app. The ability to clip coupons and get cash back without the need to print the coupon. Its all digital now.

New with the coupons.com app is that the first-come first-serve clause is no longer an issue. There’s no rush in activating offers as soon as the coupon rebates reset to make sure you don’t miss out.

While you do have to active the coupon listed in the app first, you can do it the same day you go shopping and still get cashback. What I typically do is when redeeming app rebates after my shopping trip, I make sure to check the coupons.com app along with ibotta, Fetch and others, in case there is a new rebate that was recently uploaded.

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To redeem, users could either scan receipts, link your store cards to the app or make in-app purchases.

What I liked most about the coupons app is that there is no minimum to cash out. Unlike most rebate apps which require a minimum amount earned in the account to cash out, Coupons app doesn’t. You get cash back immediately after the rebate is redeemed.

And it pays cash, not gift cards!

Cashout through PayPal happens as soon as you get cash back almost. So a PayPal account is required.

This is one of my favorite apps because it is super easy to save money on groceries and easy to earn cash back shopping in-store and online. With store card linked purchases, shopping at stores like Smiths for example, you don’t even have to scan your receipt. Savings are automatically added to your account.

For stores that don’t offer account linking to Coupons App, users redeem rebates by taking pictures of the receipt and that’s it.

Download the Coupons Grocery tracker app instead to track prices and which coupons you have. Why? Because couponing apps are not long lasting for keeping information on how much you pay.

It’s a must-have app for grocery shopping that is free to use, and no fee to cash out.

Talis Tip: Be on the lookout around Thanksgiving and other major “eating events” like the Superbowl or 4th of July as well for “national food item days” like “national java day” for FREE food through the coupon app. Download the coupons app and try it. You can always uninstall it if you don’t like it.

Happy Savings, TaLis

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