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The New Coupons App -How Does It Work

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The Coupons app isn’t new, but there are some extras added since it merge Savingstar coupons into the app.

SavingStar was the first rebate app that gave cash back for shopping online or groceries. It was founded in 2010, and in 2020 was merged into app.

Coupons App and Savingstar

Different than, Savingstar offered grocery and cash back when shopping online. However, you had to first activate the rebates in order to redeem them later. The rebates also had a limit of how many were available. The best ones, or the ones that also match a deal, would go quickly.

The app doesn’t have to first be activated, and there’s no rush in making sure you don’t miss out. To redeem, users could either scan receipts, link your store cards or make in-app purchases. Savingstar cashout went through PayPal.


Coupons  app and Savingstar rebates

The new app

With the integration Savingstar into Coupons app, users get the benefits of Savingstar as well as the ability to clip coupons and cash back for online shopping through the Coupons app.

This is one of my favorite apps because it is super easy to save money on groceries and easy to earn cash back shopping online. With store card linked purchases, shopping at stores like Smiths, you don’t even have to scan your receipt. Savings are automatically added to your account.

For stores that don’t offer account linking to Coupons App, users redeem rebates by taking pictures of the receipt (just like ibotta).

Download the app. (make sure you verify your account to get full credit)

Tip: Be on the lookout around Thanksgiving for FREE food through the app.

Happy Savings, TaLis

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