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Ibotta Account Locked? Can’t Withdraw Your Cash? 4 Things To Do to Unlock

Is your ibotta account locked? Do you have cash in ibotta that you can’t withdraw?

If you are an ibotta user that suddenly can’t access the app, your ibotta account is locked or worse, can’t withdraw your cash, here are 4 things to do to unlock the app. 

Depending on your situation, you may be able to unlock the app. Do you know why your account got locked or deactivated? I recommend reading this article relating to what you should know about ibotta so it doesn’t happen again, and also share the article with anyone who will or is using the app so they don’t go through the frustration of a locked account. Most people download the app and start using it right away, and then end up having issues. (That’s what I did, and ended up getting locked out). It took me a couple of months before I was able to access my account, which was during the holiday season, so I missed a lot of bonuses and other special deals. 

ibotta account locked

1 The first thing you should do is contact customer support. Send an email to accountsupport@ibotta.com and request to reactivate your account. You can also go to the ibotta support link found in the app or through ibotta.com to contact them. I find that contacting ibotta in Facebook often has a quicker response than email.

2 You can also try to reset the app. Sometimes when there are updates, the app gets stuck, and you can’t access it. To reset the app, try uninstalling the app, take the battery out, and then reinstalling ibotta again.

3 Try signing up again. In other words, do the steps as though you are creating a new account, but use the same email, not a new one. By using the same email, ibotta may recognize that the account already exists and you’re able to access your account.

4 Sign in on a PC rather than the phone. PCs have different functionalities than cellphones, and you can also see more information about a website on a PC than a cellphone. A website on cellphone doesn’t look the same as on a PC.  Signing in through a PC may trigger account recognition. Worth a try to see if you can log into ibotta. 

When I got locked out of ibotta, I had about fifty dollars in it. Since then, I withdraw my cash as soon as I have the minimum threshold and either invest it, save it or use it towards other ibotta deals. Unless you are saving your cash towards redeeming a high value gift card, keeping it in ibotta doesn’t earn anything. That’s like saving your money under a mattress. 

Get your cash out of ibotta

I suggest to withdraw your cash as soon as you meet the minimum amount required to withdraw your cash. Currently you need a minimum of $20. There are 3 ways to withdraw your ibotta cash: gift card, Venmo or Paypal. Redeeming your cash for gift cards allows you to lower your out of pocket expenses in other purchases including ibotta deals, making this a smart option. What do you do with the cash after transferring to Paypal or Venmo? 

When it comes to turning cashback earnings into more money, transferring to a bank won’t earn much, unless  you use an investment or savings goals account. This is a smarter option, it isn’t difficult to do, and works for any savings purpose. For example, if you’re saving towards your kiddos’s college education, opt to transfer your earning towards a 529 college fund. Collegebacker has a college savings plan program that is easy to  set up to transfer cashback app contributions into. (You can also set it up to transfer from Swagbucks or ShopatHome if you use these).

The goal of using cashback apps is not to just get cash back, its to save money. Ideally, having an option to do whatever you prefer to use your ibotta earnings for is the best option. So after you cash out of ibotta, using an account that lets you both “recycle” your ibotta earnings towards other ibotta purchases, and multiply your earnings by saving it, is the smartest route. For example of an app like Qapital lets youdo this. With Qapital you set up “rules” to transfer your cash from ibotta to a savings account (so cash is deposited automatically when you want it to), but you also have the choice to get a Qapital Visa Debit card, which you can use to “pay with ibotta“. Thus, you’re using your ibotta earnings to earn more ibotta cashback.

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This video shows what to do and also reasons why ibotta locks you out:

Ibotta Alternatives

While you’re locked out of ibotta you don’t have to miss on deals. Use other cashback apps to still save. You can use these with ibotta once your ibotta account is reactivated. By doing so, you maximize your earning. I use  Savingstar often it has the same offers that appear in ibotta. Fetch Rewards (referral code T0YVQ)  gives points when purchasing brands rather than products. These are popular brands that include soda, cereal, among other categories.  Checkout 51 also has a variety products. Different than ibotta, Checkout 51 can be purchased at any store most of the time, and pays cash only.  The next one I use is Shopkick. This is a fun app I use to discover new products in the fashion and home category.

There are of course more apps, but I’d rather stick with apps that are reliable. Hope this helps,

Happy savings – TaLis

pay with ibotta app feature with stores 

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