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Shopkick App: How to Use & Get Free Gift Cards

Once you learn how to use Shopkick app you’ll easily start racking up kicks to redeem for free gift cards.

What is Shopkick?

Shopkick is a free mobile shopping app that rewards users with ‘kicks‘ which are redeemed for gift cards for popular stores like Amazon, Target and othersKicks can be earned in six different ways

How does the Shopkick app work:

Ways to earn kicks

  • browsing products through the app
  • shopping online using a credit card linked to the app
  • uploading your receipt after purchasing products offered in the app
  • by scanning select merchandise in store
  • by opening the app when you are at select stores
  • watching videos within the app

How to use Shopkick

  • Download Shopkick (referral code shop146357)
  • register by entering your phone and email
  • the app will first ask you to choose a reward – a gift card you’d like to redeem
  • Start earning kicks:

Discover products

Click on “discover” and start browsing products within the app. Either watch mini video clips, or tap on a picture to browse products. As you are browsing products, you’ll see a shopping cart icon and a dollar value with a number. This indicates how many kicks you earn per dollar spent if you were to buy this item through the app.

Every time you see a blue gift box, tap on it to receive kicks. (see video below).

As you’re browsing, you can save products you like by clicking the heart icon

Tip: scroll through all the products, and look for the gift box to tap and get more kicks.

Earn shopping online

You can also shop online through the app to earn kicks. First, link your credit card. To do this, click on the settings icon, choose ‘linked cards’. Choose either a debit or credit card. Ideally, choose one with a rewards program to double your savings.

You can shop online by either clicking on one of the products you were browsing, or by clicking on “earn” and then “kicks online” and shop at any store listed. As long as you click on the “Shop Now” link and have a linked credit card, you’ll get kicks.

Earn shopping in store

Click on “earn”. You’ll see options to earn at different stores. At select stores, you can earn kicks by simply walking in. This is shown in the app with the icon of a person, and the number of kicks you’ll earn. Here is how: after walking into the store, near the entrance, open the app. Shopkick will automatically register and will award you the amount of kicks listed. This varies, and is available at select stores. During big shopping events like Black Friday, the number if kicks increases. So be sure to open up the app at the store to get kicks.

A barcode icon indicates how many kicks you can earn by scanning products at that store. Simply click on the barcode, and the app will show you products you need to scan to earn kicks. While at the store, find that product and scan the upc code to get awarded kicks.

Tap on the receipt icon to see products you can buy and submit a receipt for. Once you pay for an item, upload the receipt by tapping on “submit receipt” and snapping a picture of it.

How to redeem kicks

Kicks Center: Redeem kicks for gift cards within the app by clicking in the area that shows how many kicks you have. This is the “kicks center” where you can see your activity, rewards activity, rewards options and how to earn kicks.

The minimum amount of kicks needed to redeem is 500, but it varies per retailer. To redeem click on the cash value you want for a particular retailer. Once you click on it, you’ll instantly receive a message congratulating you on your reward.

To view the gift card head to “my rewards”. You’ll see a barcode, card number, access number, and event number along with value of the gift card and redemption date. The gift card can be used anywhere. Shopkick is how I get free Starbucks coffee and food.
Shopkick app free gift card

How to redeem online & in store

You can use this gift card with retailers online and in store. For example, to pay at Walmart, simply enter the gift card details in the app or in your account. In store, simply show the cashier the barcode to scan. If it doesn’t scan, the cashier can manually enter the digits.

To maximize your savings, you can also use Shopkick app gift card to shop with cashback apps like ibotta as well as shopping portals like Mr Rebates, Rakuten and TopCashback.

250 kicks = $1

You can also use Shopkick with other cashback apps to double your savings!

Shopkick app is available on iPhones & Android phones

Get 250 kicks when you download the Shopkick
  • Note: Within 7 days after downloading the app, either walk-in or scan a product to get download bonus kicks. Bonus points expire.

My Review of Shopkick

Shopkick is a fun way to discover products. I’ve found cute sandals and other merchandise through this app. I use it when i’m standing online at a supermarket or between commercials when watching tv. With this app I also get free Starbucks and gift cards to shop for groceries. One thing I don’t like about the app is that walk-in kicks aren’t always awarded. Sometimes the app doesn’t register that I’m at the store. I can still email customer service to claim my kicks, but its time consuming.

I’ve been using Shopkick for a while now, and at first, the amount of kicks available were quite a bit. Kicks accumulated pretty fast, and getting kicks for walk-ins was available at a lot of stores. Over the years, the amount of kicks for walk-in has decreased. Now I can only get 10 kicks for walking into Target. It use to be 50.

My favorite part of using Shopkick is that I can use it along with ibotta and other cash back apps to maximize my savings. Overall, I recommend this app. Try it out and see if you like it too.

Below is a video of how to use Shopkick:

Happy savings, TaLis

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