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Ibotta – 9 Ways to Save on Groceries Without Coupons

9 Super easy ways to save money on groceries and other purchases with Ibotta app – without using coupons.

Let’s face it, most people want to save money. But saving money can be time consuming because you have to plan, budget, shop around and so on. Whether you are a busy person or parent juggling hectic family schedules, or a college student shuffling between studying and classes – along with work and other responsibilities, it is easy to save money using ibotta app. Chances are, you’re already doing this, so all you have to do is download the app to start saving.

What is ibotta

Ibotta is a mobile app available for IOS and Android phones. Its known as a grocery app, a cash back app, a coupon app, or a rebate app. It started out as a cash back app offering rebates for groceries. Its been around since 2012 and since then – ibotta 2020 – it has become on of the most popular grocery cash back apps.

ibotta use flow chart

Who should use ibotta: Ibotta is for people who ◾shop at supermarkets, pharmacies and retail stores (online & in store) ◾buy gift cards, ◾book hotels, car rentals ◾eat at restaurants ◾use convenient stores. Is this you?

For consumers who are skeptical, don’t have the time, or think its too much trouble to use cashback apps, below are easy ways to save money using ibotta. A lot of people think you need to use coupons to use ibotta or save money. The truth is that while using coupons does save money, you don’t have to use coupons with ibotta in order to save.

Shop with Ibotta in-store and online get up to $20 in Welcome Bonuses!

Is ibotta worth downloading?

You decide: This is a snapshot of real ibotta savings I took from the app:

Jennifer has earned over $6,021 cash back with ibotta!

Quite a lot of money! And its easy to do: Just by downloading the app, you earn $20! (here’s how). Once you download it, you decide how much time you want to put into it, and you still don’t have to do much to save money.

How to Use Ibotta Quick Guide

First – Browse products in the store you plan to shop at and add this to your list by answering a question or watching a video. Second: Go Shopping. Third: Redeem the offer on your list by snapping a picture of your receipt & UPC barcode of the product you purchased. If you shop online, simply click the “shop” button in the app and your transaction is automatically recorded. That’s it!

It is the perfect app for everyone, especially busy people. With the following ways to save money using ibotta, there are no coupons to clip either.

Using ibotta without coupons

1 Ibotta will give you cash back when you use the app to buy gift cards with a feature called ‘Pay with Ibotta“. With this feature, users purchase gift cards through the app, and get cash back on the amount paid. Pay with ibotta is popular among people who prefer to not use a credit card to pay for purchases. Its sort of like using Paypal, except you earn money. Its the preferred payment method for people who want to keep their information private as well. How it Works: Say you’re going to the movies. Before you go (or even while you’re waiting online), open ibotta app, click on ‘pay with ibotta’ and purchase a gift card to the movie theater. Chaching! you get cash back for getting the movie theater gift card. Then, go to the movie theater and head to the cashier to get your movie ticket. Instead of paying cash or using your credit card, show the gift card on the app to pay and done! It’s that simple.

2 ibotta will give you instant cash to your account: When you make a purchase using ‘Pay with Ibotta” you get your cash added to your account instantly – ready to withdraw. No need to wait for the purchase to clear or be processed. Once you have accumulated a minimum of $20, you can withdraw your cash via Paypal credit, Venmo or redeem for a free gift card.

3 Automatic rebate redemption: Shopping at select supermarkets and earning cash back is a breeze when you link your store loyalty card to the ibotta account. How it works: when you shop at your favorite supermarket, at checkout simply enter your store loyalty card and that’s it. Ibotta will electronically receive your purchase information and match your offers to the items you bought. It will automatically credit cash back to your account. No extra work for you to do! This feature is available at select supermarkets like Raley’s, Food Lion, Kroger, more. (list of loyalty cards that work with ibotta).

links loyalty card to ibotta appibotta app bonus

4 Double your cash back. You can use the gift card you purchased using the ibotta app to pay for a mobile transaction within the ibotta app. You’ll get cash back for purchasing the gift card, and also cash back for the mobile transaction. In other words, you’ll get paid twice in ibotta!

Update: Pay with Ibotta app now available at CVS, Whole Foods & Walmart. Previously, you could use Walmart Pay and then redeem rebates in ibotta. With Pay with Ibotta, you’re using ibotta to pay for your Walmart purchases and redeem as well. You then earn cash twice in Ibotta: using Pay with Ibotta, and redeeming offers from your Walmart receipt.

5 Double your savings: You can easily stack ibotta with other rewards programs. For example, using the movie scenario mentioned above, if you also use a movie theater rewards program you will also earn rewards in that program by showing that program’s app to credit your movie purchases. How it works in this example: First purchase the gift card using Pay with Ibotta. At the movie theater, use the ibotta gift card to pay, and also show your movie rewards program info to the cashier. Or, if you pay online for your movie tickets, just enter the info from the ibotta gift card to pay.

6You can also double your savings by using your credit card rewards programs: How it works: when purchasing a gift card on ibotta, you pay for it by using either a debit or a credit card. Using a credit card that has a rewards program means that you will not only be earning with the ibotta app, but you will also be earning rewards through your credit card company. There are several credit card companies that offer rewards programs either with points, miles or cash back. These are just a couple of examples how to double your savings with ibotta but there are more. They’re probably things you might already be doing, but with ibotta you earn cash back!

7 Earn extra bonus cash: In addition to regular rebates, Ibotta also offers bonus deals. This is extra cash users earn when redeeming a certain number of rebates. Ibotta makes it easy to reach bonus deals, because the regular offers you redeem also count towards the bonus offers. In addition, the pay with ibotta feature makes earning cash back faster and easier to reach a bonus since the transaction is immediately processed and credited to your account. How it works: when you redeem one offer, it may also count towards reaching a bonus. You don’t have to do anything extra. (Once you download and start using ibotta, you’ll see how using ‘pay with ibotta’ will help you reach a bonus at the last minute 😉)

8 Use ibotta with other grocery cash back apps. There are several grocery apps you can use along with ibotta. Quite often, the offers you find in ibotta you will also find in other apps like Savingstar, Checkout 51 and Fetch Rewards (referral code T0YVQ) . You can redeem the same offers in other apps. Ibotta does not prohibit the use of other apps along with it.

9 Use Ibotta with other cash back apps. Cash back websites are sites that give you cash back for shopping online using the links they provide. You can use the gift cards you purchased in Ibotta to pay for transactions at cash back websites like Rakuten (formerly Ebates, TopCashback, Mr. Rebates and others. Thus, you earn cash back at two cash back websites.

Yes! I want to Save!

These are only a few ways busy people can use ibotta app to save money. If you decide to give the app a try, you don’t lose anything, instead, you’ll gain $20 for trying out the app. (Read how to get ibotta bonus when you join)

Happy savings, TaLis

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