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How TopCashback Works & How to Get New Member Freebie

What is TopCashback

TopCashback is a cashback virtual shopping mall that pays members when they shop online. How does it work? A percentage of the total amount of what you buy online is returned to you as a cash back rebate. Simply shop at any of the 4,000+ merchants found on TopCashback and you get money back on what you spend.

How TopCashback Works

Think of it as TopCashback being a physical mall. When you go to the mall, you head over to the store where you want to shop. You find what you are looking for, then head to checkout and you’re done. In this case, the ‘mall’ is TopCashback. You head to the store you want to shop at by typing the name of the store in the search bar. You will then see the percentage you will get back when you shop. Click on the “Get Cashback Now” button. This will take you to the merchant website where you add to your cart the items you want to buy and pay. Your purchase is tracked by TopCashback, and after it is verified by the merchant, TopCashback will deposit a percentage of what you spent into your account.

In the example below, I would get 3%  cash back for shopping at Nike

shop Nike store through Topcashback offer link

TopCashback is free to join, its free to use, and easy to redeem for cash

TopCashback doesn’t charge members for shopping or for withdrawing cash. This is because merchants pay TopCashback, not shoppers.

How to Join TopCashback

In order to join Top’Cashback cash back, first open a free account. Your account is created by going to and entering your email and choosing a password. That’s it, you’re ready to start shopping and earning cash back.

However, TopCashback often has freebies and sign up bonus offers for new members when they sign up. These freebies are exclusive when opening a new account, or for existing members that have never made a purchase or have not received any cash back from TopCashback.

Therefore, if you are going to join TopCashback, join through a free with sign up bonus.

Current TopCashback Sign up Bonus:

TopCashback webpage
TOPCASHBACK – $10 Cashback on anything you buy. Use this link if the free offer expired – you can still get your own free bonus!

How to get a new member sign up bonus

To get TopCashback sign up bonus offer is easy. Its important however, to follow the signup steps in the order listed so you won’t miss your freebie:  

1. Click on any of the current offers (image(s) in the carousel above. Important: if you go directly to TopCashback you won’t get the bonus offer. You must click on the bonus listed above.

2. Once you click on the link you’ll be redirected to the TopCashback website. Register for a free TopCashback account by entering your email and choose a password.

3. TopCashback will send you an email to complete your account. Find the email, sometimes it goes to your spam folder, so check there in case you can’t find it. In that email, click the link  “Join TopCashBack”

4. This will direct you to the TopCashback Free Offer page listed above. Click on the pink “Get Offer Now” button. 

5. After clicking on the offer button you’ll be redirected to merchant’s webpage. 

6. Add to your cart the items listed as the the cashback offer and head to checkout.  

Once you receive the product TopCashback will reimburse to your account what the offer indicates, making the item you got FREE. The money will post to your TopCashback account around 14 days depending on the retailer. 

TopCashback new signup bonus offers often overlap – choose your favorite.

Can you get a sign up bonus if you already have a TopCashback account?

Often, people sign up, but don’t complete the transaction. This doesn’t mean you missed out on getting your free bonus. If you already have a TopCasback account, but never submitted any rebate or received cash back from TopCashback, you are still eligible to claim your freebie.

How to get existing member sign up bonus

To get it just click on any TopCashback new member offer (listed in the carousel above) and sign in. This will open up the TopCashback website,  where you click on the pink Get Offer Now button. This will open the website of the store where to get the free offer.  You proceed to add to your cart the item or minimum amount as indicated in the offer page, and head to checkout. 

Don’t see the “get offer” button? If you have made online purchases through TopCashback already, unfortunately you are not eligible.

Freebies for all members

TopCashback also has freebies for existing members as well. These offers go like hot cakes, so don’t put it on your ‘later list’ or you’ll miss out! When there is a freebie for all members, I will add the image to the carousel above labeled “freebie for all“. (If one is not listed then none are currently available).

  1. Click on the image above. This will direct you to the TopCashback offer page.
  2. Click on the  free offer image, and just as stated above, sign in to your account.
  3. Click on the pink Get Offer Now button. Make your purchase and done. Your cash back credit is deposited to your account, and ready to withdraw. 

How to find extra cash back on TopCashback

  1. Top offers: limited time deals in every category
  2. Payout options: There are 15 payout options in TopCashback, including personalized bonuses which give extra cash back.
  3. Trending now offers: select offers and deals on trending retailers who are having flash sales, promotional discounts or clearance events.
  4. Newly added merchants often increase the cash back percent for shopping at their store.
  5. Blog: TopCashback’s blog offers hints, contests, sweepstakes, giveaways and other cash back related events.

How to Get TopCashback Referral Bonus

TopCashback has a referral bonus program in which you earn money for referring anyone.  This can be your husband or wife, adult children, relatives, neighbors, etc. They could be living in the same household too.

How does it work? Join TopCashback first. (use my link to get started. I earn, you earn) Once you are a TopCashback member you’ll get a unique tell a friend link. Share your Tell a Friend link everywhere you can think of. When someone signs up with your referral, you’ll get $10 added to your account and they get cash too. Save money, but also make money.

Typically, bonus offers are $10 cash back to spend at a store, or merchandise free after cash back. Occasionally however, it increases. I’ve seen $30 sign up bonus offered.

topcashback refer a friend

When I signed up, I got a free DVD/BluRay/Digital movie worth $24.99 for free!

How to get your payout

In order to request a payout from TopCashback you need a minimum $10 in your account. To see how much you have, go to Account and you’ll see the menu bar with “Payout”.

withdraw cash from topcashback

There are 2 ways to request a payout

1 – Direct Payment – transfer directly to PayPal or ACH, which stands for Automatic Clearing House. Basically, ACH is the process to transfer money into a bank account. Transfer directly to your bank, either savings or checking – (including a high yield savings account, which will turn your cash back earnings into more money) . This is only available to US bank accounts.

2 – Gift card and Prepaid Cards – TopCashback has an additional cashback bonus payout for cashing out with gift cards. Choose from a Visa Prepaid card, gift card or American Express Rewards card etc. The image above shows an example of extra bonus when redeeming with a gift card

 You can withdraw your cash straight to your checking or PayPal account. You also have the option to redeem your cash for gift cards. Redeeming for gift cards have the added incentive of getting an additional cash bonus. For example, instead of redeeming $10 cash, you may get a gift card with a bonus for $10.40 at Target.

I also uploaded step by step instruction on how to get the bonus offer as an existing member is also described in the video How to Get TopCashback New or Existing Member Freebie Offer if you prefer how-to videos. I hope this helps you save extra cash when shopping online. 

Happy Savings,

Cash Back Shopping Offers

$25 Worth of Freebies at Walmart for TCB New Member

$25 Worth of Freebies at Walmart for TCB New Member

TopCashback is giving new members $25 to spend on Select Categories at…
Freebie Tide for TopCashback New Members

Freebie Tide for TopCashback New Members

New bonus: TopCashback is giving new members a FREE 89 loads Tide Detergent…
2 Free Tide at Staples  (New TCB Members)

2 Free Tide at Staples (New TCB Members)

For New members of TopCashback, now get Free Tide at Staples. Spend…
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