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Pay with Ibotta at CVS

Looking to save money at CVS, pay with Ibotta and double your savings!

Ibotta is a grocery cashback that pays you when buy certain products at select stores. It is free to use, and easy to save money with. There are several ways users can save money with Ibotta, and with the Pay with Ibotta feature, it is even quicker to earn cash. The best part – no coupons needed!

If you don’t already have the app, you can earn up to $20 for trying out the app.

What is Pay with Ibotta

Pay with ibotta is basically a way to pay for your purchase using a gift card purchased through the ibotta app.

Make money using pay with ibotta

When you purchase a gift card and use it to pay at a retailer, ibotta will pay you a percentage of the total amount purchased. The gift card looks like a physical gift card, with a barcode, gift card number and pin number.

pay with ibotta at cvs

How to Pay with Ibotta at CVS

Head to CVS and shop as usual. At checkout, instead of paying with a credit card or cash, you pay with the gift card purchased in the ibotta app.

pay with ibotta at CVS quick guide

  • After you download the app and register, head to the section that says pay with ibotta
  • The first time you do this, the app will guide you to easily link a credit or debit card in order to pay for the CVS gift card. (Your credit card charge will show as ‘ibotta Pay‘)
  • Choose CVS, and enter the cash amount of the gift card you want. Once its processed, you’ll see the gift card’s barcode and pin number just like a regular gift card.
  • At checkout, open the app and head to the pay with ibotta section and choose CVS . Choose the tab labeled ‘transaction‘ to choose the gift card you want to pay with (you may have more than one). Show the cashier the barcode to scan or enter the digits manually and that’s it. You just earned cash back. (Note: to see the entire digits of the gift card, click on the copy sign).

Double save with Ibotta

Make money with ibotta by redeeming offers in the app for the same transaction.

You can double your savings using pay with ibotta by redeeming qualifying offers in the same receipt that you just paid for. Thus, you earn when you pay with ibotta, and redeeming offers at CVS.

Redeem ibotta CVS offers

  • In the picture above you can see there is a ‘pay with ibotta’ tab and an ‘offers’ tab. Choose the ‘offers’ tab.
  • Choose the products you will be buying by clicking on the + sign. Ibotta will prompt you to either view a short vide, answer a couple of questions, or learn something new. At the end, you’ll see a check mark. This will indicate the offer has been added to your list.
  • Shop at CVS using your extracarebucks, CVS coupons, manufacturer coupons and other discounts to minimize your out of pocket expenses and then pay.
  • After you pay with ibotta, upload the receipt by snapping a picture of it.
  • Scan the upc barcode of the product purchased, and done. You’ll get cash back again after the transaction is verified.

Pay with Ibotta – Tracking your spending & earnings

Track your ibotta spending and earnings to find out if you are saving money with ibotta or just getting cash back. The difference is that sometimes users buy items in order to get a rebate or obtain a bonus, and in the process get cash back but not really save money.

ibotta bonus

An example: buying 2 bottles of wine to qualify for a $5 bonus, but you’ll spend at least $16 dollars, if not more on the wine. This works if you need them, but if you don’t, and its not part of your grocery list, then the savings is questionable. In addition, factor in taxes, which add to your overall out of pocket expense. Don’t get me wrong, you still save money. But how much and is it worth it? Only you can determine that, but keeping track of your out of pocket expenses is the primer for extreme couponing.

To track your ibotta earnings and grocery expenses, create a grocery budget where you write down how much money you have to spend on groceries, and how much cash back you receive from ibotta. Easy to do either the old fashion paper and pencil or with an app that tracks your expenses. Check your receipt for items you redeemed in ibotta (or other apps), and determine how much you actually paid for the item. Don’t forget to factor coupons you use when determining savings.

Happy savings, TaLis

Now you can Pay with ibotta at CVS to maximize your savings!

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Happy savings, TaLis

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