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Savingstar: New Store Cards to Link (& save time)

 SavingStar is a grocery savings app similar to ibotta. Often, the offers can be stacked with ibotta app too. Savingstar app is super easy to use. You can either snap a picture to redeem offers or you can upgrade your settings to make it easy to redeem offers. Savingstar switched 11 receipt-scan stores to automatic. This means that there are 11 store cards you can link to savingstar app, and you won’t have to snap pictures in order to redeem an offer. By linking your store card, the offer will automatically register to the app. A few days after your purchase, your account will be credited. If you shop at the following stores, simply link your store card to the app and save time redeeming offers:

Simply link your store card to Savingstar app and the offer is automatically redeemed.

Have you activated the latest SavingStar Coupons?

list of stores to link to savingstar app

There are several ways to save or make money. Don’t pay full price!

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