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Are you Missing Out on Grocery Cashback? Link Store Cards – Savingstar

 SavingStar is a grocery savings app similar to ibotta. Savingstar app is super easy to use. You can either snap a picture to redeem offers or you can edit your settings to automatically redeem offers.

Basically, you don´t have to do anything to get cash back grocery shopping. Savingstar switched several receipt-scan stores to automatic redeem by allowing loyalty store accounts to link to the app. This means you won’t have to snap pictures in order to redeem an offer. By linking your store card, the offer will automatically register to the app. A few days after your purchase, your account will be credited.

If you don´t already use Savingstar, learn more about it & download the app.

Are you missing out on savings?

This is the complete list of stores you can link to Savingstar

You may be a regular shopper at these stores and not know you can save on groceries:

Steps to link your account to Savingstar

From the links above Savingstar will open either the app or on the web.

  1. Click on stores

  2. In the app

    Click on the PLUS sign
    Search by zip code, near by or view the full list

  3. On the web

    If you don´t readily see your store listed click on ¨More¨
    You´ll see the option to view all the stores that link accounts to Savingstar

  4. Enter your loyalty account information

    Store account and password is required in order to link both accounts.

  5. Click ¨add card¨ and done

Have you activated the latest SavingStar Coupons?

Once you link your store card to Savingstar app the next step is to add offers. Note: you must activate the Savingstar coupons prior to shopping in order to get credit for any rebate in the app. Especially for card linked offers. If you activate the coupons after shopping the card won´t track the offer and you´ll miss out on cash back.

list of stores to link to savingstar app

There are several ways to save or make money. Don’t pay full price!

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