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What is the Next Big Shopping Event After Cyber Monday?

Without doubt, Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year. Savvy shoppers can snag amazing savings before, during and the weekend after Black Friday. This event is so popular, it has spilled over to other countries too. A few years ago I was in Panama during Black Friday, and was surprised to find that there were chartered buses coming from other nearby countries, full of people coming to shop for Black Friday deals. And recently, I was chatting with a friend who is studying in Sweden. Except that on this particular day, she wasn’t studying, she was shopping – it was Black Friday ‘Week’. To keep the shopping event going, ‘Cyber Monday’ was introduced. New savings or extended
deals continue on the Monday after Black Friday. Known as Cyber Monday, retailers offer consumers huge savings when shopping online. Cyber Monday has become the next big shopping event after Black Friday. Some stores extend the event further with ‘Cyber Week’ deals. The entire week after Black Friday is just full of exciting discounts. Like Black Friday, it is a popular shopping event celebrated in other countries too. 

In order to extend the holiday shopping season and to follow the online shopping trend, merchants figure out the last day consumers can shop online and still get delivery before Christmas without having to pay extra delivery charges. In other words, this is the last day where you can get free shipping on your online purchase, and still get it in time to place it under the Christmas tree.  This day is known as Free Shipping Day. Since its beginning in 2008, it is the next big shopping event after Cyber Monday.  ‘Free Shipping Day’ isn’t a set day though. It typically happens the second week in December, and changes based on delivery days affected by weekends. 
                                         Free Shipping Day 2018 is on Friday December 14. 
All the retailers participating in Free Shipping Day have the agreement to provide free shipping with no minimum purchase required. In addition, delivery is guaranteed before Christmas. This is the perfect time for procrastinators to shop or to get last minute gifts. The list of participating merchants grows every year. It includes popular stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Target &  Walmart to name a few.  

Benefits of Free Shipping Day

For consumers, this isn’t just a day to get last minutes gifts though. This is also a day to buy things that you normally would have to pay shipping for. For example, I don’t have an Amazon Prime account, so in order to avoid paying the extra charge of shipping, I would have to spend a minimum of $35.  However, Amazon is offering free shipping, no minimum. Free shipping minimum for most stores are usually higher.  
For retailers, this is a way to get more traffic into your store. After all, the day was started as a way to extend the holiday shopping season. Participating in this event is an opportunity to get brand recognition. The official website Freeshippingday.com lists all the retailers participating in the event. 

Tips on how to get the best deals:

What else can you do besides shopping around and making a list of what you want?

  • Pay with a credit card that offers price protection  – Just in case another merchant has a better price, you can get the difference. This way you still get the lowest price possible.
  • Make sure you use your rewards program when purchasing something. You’ll be able to rack up points which will turn into savings. 
  • Look for promo codes, coupons and other discounts to save. 

Retailers will definitely offer discounts and sales. This is the last sale event before the most anticipated holiday of the year. Don’t miss it.

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