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Serta Office Chair Review – Verona Manager Chair – 4yrs Later

Update – 4 years later

After 4 years of owning a Serta® Smart Layers™ Verona Manager Chair I decided to update my review of how this chair holds up. Hopefully, it will help you determine whether this would work for you. Note – I bought this chair, and did not get it as a gift or get paid for this review by the manutfacturer or anyone else.

This chair is hands down the best i’ve ever had. What I like most about the chair is that its not too firm or too soft. When I first recorded review video I had the chair for 2 years. 4 years later, it looks the same.

One of the things that I like about this Serta chair is that its not too soft or too hard. However, one of the issues that often happens with chairs is that the foam or whatever cushion technology they use starts to stretch out. So when you sit you automatically sort of sink into the chair. Sometimes you can visibly notice this effect because the material is sort of rippled in the seat.

I am really surprised that this chair is still has the right combination of firmness and softness. I don’t sink in to the chair.

The Serta® Smart Layers™ chairs are pretty much the same. Manufacturers usually change things up a little with different names, colors, height and so on. They also look for ways to improve the qualities of an already great product. The Verona chair is no exception. Over the years its been available on & off, which is an indication of how good this chair is. What is important when considering a chair is the construction. So even if Verona style is not available when purchasing a new chair, check out the new styles.

Watch this video to see how to assemble it:

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