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Zap Surveys SideGig for Money

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As Saving with TaLis continues to search for sidegigs to pay for Christmas gifts, Zap surveys is an easy $6.25 after first survey.

What is Zap Surveys

Zap Surveys is one of the side hustle apps used to earn extra cash for completing surveys. It is available for download through the App Store or Google Play Store, or by going to What I liked about Zap Surveys is that I still earn cash even if I don’t qualify for the survey.

Zap surveys pays on every survey even if you don't qualify

How to Start Earning – Zap Download

After downloading Zap Surveys app, you’re prompted to allow location access. I usually allow access only when using the app. However, Zap wanted to access on all the time. The app claims turning location on pre-qualifies you for high earning location surveys and increase the number of surveys you can complete, so its a benefit to allow it. You can always turn it on if I don’t like it anyway.

Location Surveys

When you turn on location access, you’ll get a message in the app that you qualify for a new survey. Location surveys generally ask you how your experience was at the place you just visited, which means you get guaranteed earnings. These surveys are usually quick, and its easy to rack up cash.

When there is a survey available to complete, a Zap app notification will show how long it takes to complete the survey and how much it pays.

A plus with Zap Surveys is that it shows how long the survey is going to take. Sometimes when completing surveys there’s a point in which I start wondering how long the survey is going to take, and if its going to be worth it. Especially when I may not have time to complete it, and end up wasting time.

Additionally, the Zap survey notification will show a star rating about the survey itself. The star rating is collected from every person who completes a survey, which allows you to determine if the survey is worth it.

how much zap surveys pays

The first survey is a guaranteed $6.25 and its about your opinion about surveys in general. The survey asked me 8 questions that were about my understanding of how surveys work. For example, one question asked me if I knew that surveys usually ask trick questions.

Trick questions in surveys are used to assess whether you’re really reading the questions or statement, and answering honestly. In the Zap app survey for example, the statement prompted me to choose an animal that lives in the ocean. Easy questions and answers.

Zap Tip – make sure you click the “Finish” button to get credit

Try Zap Surveys to start earning passive income. Basically just answer questions and get money for Christmas or a special treat.

Happy savings,


XBox Survey

Live – Xbox survey for US residents. Register and enter for a chance to win a Free Xbox.

XBox emblem
influence the world with your opinion

Join Survey Junkie

3 easy and simple steps to earn

  • Build your profile to get matched to surveys that fit you.
  • Complete surveys and earn virtual points.
  • Redeem virtual points for PayPal or e-Giftcards.

Greeting Card Survey

  • Qualifier – Females ages 18+
  • how long? about 10 minutes

$10 Thank You Diaper Survey

This survey targets parents of kids ages 12 – 48 months to test diapers at home. After the trial period just share your thoughts and get $10

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