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How to Get High Value Tide, Downy P&G Coupons

To find high value Tide & other P&G coupons join the P&G Good Everyday Rewards Program.

P&G (Procter & Gamble) is the parent company of brands like Tide, Crest, Dawn, Bounty, Charmin and 60 other products.

The parent company has a consumer program called “P&G Rewards Program” where members get access to high value print coupons, rebates and rewards.

Beneficial to savers, the P&G rewards printable coupons can be stacked with other coupons such as those from the Sunday inserts, coupons.com printables or digital couponing apps to get a nice shopping haul or fill up your stock pile if you’re an extreme couponer. Or to simply save one one product.

Save about $30+ on Tide, Crest, Bounty, and 60+ brand products

Additionally, when you join the P&G rewards program you’ll also get a chance to win Free P&G Products and participate in promotional events.

Every Wednesday P&G holds a sweepstakes drawing to win product bundles. Bundles vary, and have products related to a theme’, like the health and wellness bundle which included Puffs, Vicks, NyQuil, a thermometer, a blanket. Or the Home Refresh Bundle which includes Charmin toilet paper, Swiffer mop, Refresh, Dawn, Mr. Clean, etc.

Current P&G promotions

New themed product bundle every week.

PGGE Weekly Sweeps General Asset Frequency Updated 10/20

Every season P&G runs a rebate offer to get a prepaid Visa card when you spend a designated mount on P&G products. Simply click here to fill out the rebate form.

PGGE Rebate

The P&G Good Everyday Rewards Program also gives the opportunity to give back to others in need. At no cost to consumers, P&G makes donations to a charity of your choice every time to use the program.

More participation = More Rewards and More Donations.

Earn a bonus

When you sign up, be sure to complete 5 welcome tasks to get a bonus

One of the steps is to pick a ‘cause‘ for donations. There are several causes to pick from. Choose from the famous “loads of hope“, commonly seen in commercials after catastrophic hurricanes or earthquakes. Or the “military home front” which supports military families. I picked this one:

How to get P&G points

Sign up = get 25 points

Take a survey = 25 points

Scan first receipt = 50 points

Scan receipt = 250 points

Featured promotions = promotions and points vary

Refer a friend = 50 points for first 5 referrals

Take a quiz = points vary

P&G – Tide and other high value coupons

Earn rewards & win P&G products

PGGE Weekly Sweeps General Asset

What other brands are under the P&G umbrella? Click here.

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These apps all have a signup bonus too!

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Home » How to Get High Value Tide, Downy P&G Coupons
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure HERE. Thank you.
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