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How to Shop & Save on Amazon with Fluz

There are a lot of tricks, apps and ways to save money on Amazon purchases. However, most people miss out on the extra savings when shopping on Amazon because if it doesn’t go viral, people don’t learn about it.

However, while digging for ways to save money shopping I discovered another way to save shopping on Amazon by using Fluz app. This post is about how to stack and get extra cash back savings shopping on Amazon.

Amazon Cashback – how to get extra savings with Fluz

What is Fluz

Fluz app is a cash back app that pays users when shopping online or in-store. It can be used at hundreds of store. Its free to use, and there are no fees to cash out what you earn. Fluz is easy to use and can be used along with other methods of savings to score amazing cash back savings.

I use Fluz app to pay for all sorts of every day things like groceries, pharmacy, travel, etc. There are tons of apps like this, so you might be thinking that’s not new. However, with Fluz I also keep earning money. Not points, real cash. 

Fluz app cash back

Fluz referrals

Most cash back apps don’t have ongoing earnings unless you shop through the app or refer a friend. However, even if you refer someone, you only earn one time, and that’s when your referral makes a purchase.

Not with Fluz. Every time your referral uses the app you get cash back too.

Pay with Fluz

Another difference between Fluz and most cash back apps is that Fluz earnings happen when you “pay”.

In other words, Fluz is used at checkout. Not to shop.

Worth noting when paying with Fluz is that you also get cash back on taxes, shipping and whatever other charges are tagged on to the purchase.

Pay the total amount shown on your cart using Fluz to get cash back.

Fluz, Promo Codes & Coupons

Typically, using promo codes or coupons can’t be combined or used with other savings. Especially when shopping on cash back portals or virtual malls. That’s just a general rule imposed by them, which can be found in the very tiny fine print at the bottom of the cash back portal you’re using.

However, with Fluz app, since you’re not ‘shopping through Fluz’, but rather ‘paying with Fluz’, you don’t forfeit any extra savings you’re applying. So if there is a nice deal going on with an awesome coupon or promo code, you don’t miss out on additional savings.

Use Fluz with other Apps

If you’re a cash back app user, you can still use them along with Fluz app. Simply use Fluz app at check out and double your cash back earnings.

Use Fluz with Credit Card Rewards

Combine Fluz app with credit card rewards and double your cash back savings. A winning combo that earns from Fluz and your credit card’s cash back program every time you pay with Fluz.

Fluz Bonus

After download, you also have the opportunity to earn extra cash back with Fluz Bonus. Bonuses are earned when you use Fluz, or invite people.

Fluz Vouchers

When you or your referral first download Fluz app, as a bonus you’ll get three 35% off vouchers to redeem at select stores. CVS, Starbucks, Spotify and others.

At any given time, you can have several vouchers to maximize your cash back. There’s no limit as to how many vouchers you can have or use.

Fluz app and Amazon – No Restrictions

There’s no restrictions using Fluz app with Amazon. Fluz Amazon cashback is earned no matter what you buy, whereas in other cash back apps or portals, Amazon cash back is earned on specific purchases like Amazon Prime or Amazon Music

Step by Step Guide to get started with Amazon & Fluz App:

Download Fluz

  1. Download Fluz using referral code SAVINGWITHTALIS

    when you enter my referral code you’ll get a 35% cash back voucher to shop at select stores

  2. Connect your credit card to the app

    Easy to follow guide on how to link your credit card to Fluz. This is so you can pay at checkout.

  3. Head over to

    Head over to and sign into your account and shop as normal.
    Clip any available coupons, add Amazon promo codes, whatever extra savings you have. 😃

  4. Then look at what your total payment amount is (including taxes and shipping).

    After adding everything to your cart, click “proceed to checkout”
    Take note: what is your total after tax, shipping, etc.?
    In the image here, the total is $12.13

    amazon promo code at checkout - saving with promo codes

  5. Don’t Pay Yet … instead do the next step

  6. Open Fluz app and click on “All Stores” and Scroll until you see “Amazon online”

    Or search for Amazon

  7. What’s your payment total after taxes?

    Enter the total amount shown in your cart in the Fluz app
    Click Purchase Gift Card at the bottom
    Just like a physical gift card, Fluz will generate a gift card code and pin
    fluz app amazon pay transaction cash back

  8. Next head over to your Amazon Shopping Cart “payment section”

    Instead of paying with a credit card, pay with Fluz

  9. How to enter Fluz payment

    In the Fluz app, tap on “copy” gift card code and pin, and paste onto “Payment – Amazon gift card”

  10. Then click place order and that’s it!

Fluz shows you how much you’re earning as soon as you buy your Amazon payment. Download Fluz and use referral code SAVINGWITHTALIS when shopping on Amazon to maximize your savings.

Happy savings, TaLis

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