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Learn a Language & Get Rewarded – italki 2021 Language Challenge

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Learn a language at home and get rewarded for it. italki learn a language with a native educational platform has launched a 2021 language challenge. What do you get? Achieve the challenge and win rewards and discounts.

What is italki?

italki is a language learning platform that teaches users by going beyond the textbooks and instead immerses learners into the language’s idioms and culture.

A one on one teaching service tailored to focusing on your skill level and interests, with real life scenarios and conversations to truly grasp learning a language.

Whether you’re learning a language for a job or scoring a 5 on AP language exams, italki works by connecting users with a teacher who is certified as an instructor and qualifies as a native instructor.

italki Language Challenge

italki language challenge is launched as a way to push users to learn the language. Offered in several languages, the italki community rallies to complete and compete to earn rewards, creating a fun competitive environment to learn a language. The end results is becoming more fluent in a language while having fun.

To join italki challenge sign up and pick your goal for the challenge. The goal could be to complete a designated amount of hours for example.

As you work towards your goal you move up in ranking and in the end italki rewards you.

Additionally, members compete for badges. The coveted World Champion Badge is awarded to the top 3 challengers worldwide. Of course, there are other bonuses to win.

Italki learn a language challenge is free to join and lasts 45 days

After joining the italki challenge and picking your participate by scheduling lessons to learn or improve a language.

Italki offers a pay as you go plan as well as bulk credit purchases. Credits are redeemed when you take lessons. You then schedule lessons when you want, based on your budget and for as long as you need it.

Worth mentioning, with italki there’s no pressure to juggle schedules to meet monthly lessons. If necessary you can skip and reschedule lessons individually with your language teacher for a customized fit. (Read all you need to know about italki – review)

How many italki lessons to schedule? Well, you know you’ve learned a language when someone tells a joke in another language, and nobody has to explain the joke to you ;).

Update: The 2021 italki language challenge ran through March 1st, 2021. In the meantime, check out the updated italki community and participate in

italki community events includes challenges, rewards and topics to become fluent in a language

Now that you know what it is, do you want to be alerted when there is another one?

Find out more about italk challenge and earn rewards.

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