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Shipt Delivery: How It Works

What is Shipt, but most important, is shopping with Shipt worth it? Here’s a review of how Shipt works

Shipt is a time-saving grocery delivery service that partners with several stores to bring online groceries orders to your doorstep. However, Shipt delivers more than just groceries. You can order essentials such as bedding, electronics, lamps, office supplies and other things as well.

Is Shipt Worth It?

Why pay extra for grocery deliveries? You’re right, you can always get groceries yourself and save the money. However, the service is a time saver and convenient to use. According to a study by the USDA ERS year comparison study, the average time Americans spend shopping for food grew 6% from the previous year.

The Shipt service is really helpful for freeing up time so you can do something else.

There are unlimited scenarios where the service comes in handy. For example, too tired to go food shopping after work? Want to avoid the weekend shopping crowds? Don’t have enough time to go shopping?

Even for college move-in day – There is always something that wasn’t packed.Instead of having to go shopping, wait for the delivery while you set up your dorm room. Have you ever started cooking Thanksgiving dinner and realize you don’t have a key ingredient? Get it delivered instead and keep cooking.

Personally, I think Shipt is super handy when sick, and there’s not enough food in the house.

How Shipt Works

In brief, you shop online for what you want via the Shipt app, and a Shipt shopper goes shopping for you. Using the app you’ll also schedule your delivery, and meet your Shipt shopper at the scheduled time. Unfortunately they don’t put away your groceries.
One advantage of using the Shipt app is that you can add last minute things to your list, and easily contact your shopper while they’re at the store getting your things.

Here’s a video courtesy of Shipt that explains the service:

Through the app, you’ll be able to pick your delivery schedule based on times available.

You can be on the phone with your Shipt shopper and edit your order while they are at the store.

Where does Shipt deliver?

While they’re not available in every city in the US, they’re pretty close. They keep expanding. Shipt is currently available in over 5K stores across the US (as of the writing of this post). Shipt works with supermarkets like Meijer, Publix, Harris Teeter in addition to Target and other big box stores.

Check here to see the complete list and if it is available in your area.

shipt shopper

Saving Money with Shipt

While you can’t use manufacturer or store coupons, Shipt offers special in-app pricing to help members save money. Just check the “what’s on sale” category in the app. The price listed is what you pay.

How Much Does Shipt Cost

Shipt prices are flexible. For people who use the service on a regular basis, there is a monthly and annual plan. Membership choices are monthly for $14/month or the annual $99/year plan.

If you don’t want a plan, you can choose to purchase Shipt passes. These are “use as needed” Shipt shopping orders to use whenever you want. No contract, no minimum order required.

A Shipt pass costs $10 plus a delivery charge. Shipt passes can be purchased in bundles to save a little money. 3 Shipt passes = $27 plus $1 delivery charge. Or buy 5 Shipt passes = $40 plus $2 delivery charge.

Shipt passes can be purchases while you’re placing an order or at checkout. I find the Shipt passes to be really useful during the holidays, when shopping is a hassle.

Prices are higher than in-store prices unfortunately, so this is a downside to the service. However, someone is shopping for you, I consider this an upside though.

I find Shipt grocery and shopping delivery service is worth it, as it is a handy solution to finding time to spend on you and other more important things than shopping. It also gets you out of a pickle at times. Additionally, Shipt Passes also make for a nice last minute gift for someone.

Who wouldn’t want a break from grocery shopping :). Hope this helps you find more time when 24 hours is not enough!

Happy savings, TaLis

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