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Drop Cash Back App – How it Works

Drop cash back app cashback offers bonus prizes, flash deals and other ways to get rewards for shopping through the app. If you’re going to be shopping online shop through Drop to get extra savings.

What is Drop

Drop is a shopping rewards platform similar to others apps, but with additional ways to earn. With Drop, users get extra cash after choosing and then shopping at merchant where they do most of their shopping. Therefore, even if you don´t do a lot of online shopping you still earn rewards.

For those of you that are not familiar with Drop, it is a reward cash back app that started a few years ago in Canada, and quickly expanded to the US. because of its high earning potential for shoppers. Drop app membership is free, there are no fees to withdraw cash and its also fun to use. (Since I´m a Drop app user, i´ll also add my personal review of the app).

Drop’s Extras

Drop app often hosts giveways, prizes, extra earning boosted offers, flash sales

1000 Drop Points = $1

Redeem Drop Points for Gift Cards

Getting Started with Drop App

  1. Click here to download link to your cellphone and install it from via the App Store or Play Store. (You’ll be prompted to enter your mobile number to get the direct link).
  2. Enter code OEKUE3 for referral bonus. (you & I both earn 🙂
  3. You’ll be prompted to select 5 retailers. Every time you shop at your chosen retailers you’ll get points. Choose the ones where you shop the most. (This is what I call bonus retailers)
  4. Then link your credit card to the app. Preferably connect a credit card with a rewards program so that you can double your earnings, even when you´re not shopping through Drop. To add or change a credit card at a later time just head to ´account´(the person icon top left) and click ´link a card´
  5. Once your credit card is linked you’re ready to start earning more.

One thing to be aware of when signing up with Drop is to carefully choose your “power offers” stores. The app isn’t very clear about what power offers are beforehand. When you first download Drop, you’ll be asked to select two power offers. You’ll see choices for retailers, supermarkets etc. Select the ones that you shop the most at to easily start racking up points.

drop app selected merchants for power offers

Note about linking credit cards to Drop:

I found that I need to double check that the card linking process went through, making it somewhat time consuming. Even though the app showed the link was successful, I also found that it did not later. Also, when my credit card numbers changed, I forgot to update the linked cards in the app, so I missed out on points. My suggestion is to occasionally check your linked cards in the app.

Linking your credit cards will also help boost points. I don’t know if you can shop on Drop without connecting your credit card, but since without it you’ll miss out on points, I think its worth connecting one.

How I earn extra rewards: As an extreme shopper, I linked a Capital One Quicksilver card because I get points from shopping with Drop. I get 1.5% cash back from Capital One rewards. In case what I bought drops price, Paribus will monitor and credit back the difference. Paribus is a feature of Capital One. You sign up for it separately through Capital One. If you want to use this feature, just make sure you use the same email you use for shopping.

Ways to Earn with Drop

  1. Shop (online or in-store)
  2. Bonus retailers
  3. Games
  4. Deals
  5. Surveys
  6. Flash deals
  7. Boosted Offers

Flash Deals

Flash deals in Drop aren´t limited items that are on sale. Rather, Flash Deals are limited time way to earn extra points that are personalized, based on how you use the app. Snatch it when you get one though. They´re first come first serve.

Play Games to Earn

If nothing else, you can also have fun earning rewards by playing games. This picture sums up how:

image outlines steps to earn points playing games in drop app

Drop app boosted offers

Drop app boosted offers are rebates that earn extra points. For example, in the following image, normally you would earn 120 points when you shop on Uber Eats. However, as Uber Eats is boosted, you now earn 150 points when you shop through Drop app.

brands with drop app boosted offers

Personally, I like that its a fun app too. When you earn enough points from purchases at your selected bonus stores you’ll have the chance to earn more points by playing a Snake Game in the app (similar to Pac Man).

One day I got a supercharge notification from Drop. I had no clue what it was, so I ended up missing points. Basically, you play a game that’s kind of like “Snake’, where you’re supposed to direct a line towards a symbol. The more ‘symbols’ you snap, the more points you earn. It’s a fun way to get extra points.

drop app supercharge unlocked

Withdrawing cash from Drop

Once you have a minimum of 25,000 points you can trade points for a gift card. 25,000 is equivalent to $25. I think this is a lot of points to have to accumulate though. Other app reviewers mention liking the app but strike a star for the same reason. However Drop boosted offers speeds up earnings to cash out. I recommend at least checking it out since its free to use. Once you download it, you can also earn $5 for referring friends (they’ll earn $5 too). Drop is available to download on iTunes and Google Store.

If you don´t already have Drop, download it and then be on the lookout for prizes and other anniversary offers to score the extra savings. Hope this helps save some extra cash when shopping online.

Happy savings, TaLis

drop app boosted offers

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