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Shopping online? Boost Cashback Earnings With Drop

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If you’re going to be shopping online boost your cashback earnings using Drop app. Here’s the deal: from the 18th through the 25th Drop will be running limited time boosted offers across several of their partner brands on the app. This means you’ll earn more when you shop. 

What are Drop app boosted offers?

Drop app boosted offers are rebates that earn extra points. For example, normally you would earn 120 points when you shop on Uber Eats. However, as Uber Eats is boosted, you now earn 150 points when you shop through Drop app. Here’s an example:

brands with drop app boosted offers

For those of you that are not familiar with Drop, it is a reward cash back app that started a few years ago in Canada, and quickly expanded to the US. Because of its high earning potential for consumers, Drop app is one of the best money making apps to shop online with.

Personally, I like that its a fun app too. When you earn enough points from purchases at your selected favorite stores you’ll have the chance to earn more points by playing a Snake Game, similar to Pac Man.

How to earn with boosted offers on Drop

  1. Shopping with Drop is super easy. If you don’t already have the app, download it to your cellphone. (You’ll be prompted to enter your mobile number).
  2. Select your favorite brands that you shop. Doing so will earn you extra cash when you shop there.
  3. Then link your credit card to the app. Preferably connect a credit card with a rewards program so that you can double your earnings when shopping with Drop.
  4. Once your card is linked the app you’re ready to start earning. Click ‘shop’ (on the bottom left corner) to see all the brands available to shop with Drop. At the very top, scroll through the carousel and select “Boosted” to see all the brands with current boosted offers and how many points you can earn.

Note about linking credit cards to Drop:

The verification process to connect your credit card requires you to also log into your account though, making it somewhat time consuming. I guess this is done in order to ensure it is really your card and not someone impersonating you. However, linking your credit cards will also help boost points. So every time you shop at your selected store you’ll have a chance to earn points. I don’t know if you can shop on Drop without connecting your credit card, but you’ll miss out on points.

Once you have a minimum of 25,000 points you can trade points for a gift card. 25,000 is equivalent to $25. I think this is a lot of points to have to accumulate, which is why shopping on Drop with boosted offers is worth it.

Hope this helps save some extra cash when shopping online.

Happy savings, TaLis

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drop app boosted offers
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