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How to Link Walmart Grocery App to Ibotta (with pictures)

More ways to save at Walmart! Now Walmart online grocery shoppers can get automatic cash back with pickup and delivery. Simply link ibotta cashback app to Walmart Grocery app to save money on groceries.

Ibotta is a free cash back app that pays users when shopping for groceries. Until recently, ibotta users could only earn cash back when shopping at Walmart stores. However, the way people shop today has drastically changed due to the current pandemic situation. Most people shop online for groceries.

If you haven’t used ibotta, you can easily earn a $20 download bonus just for trying it out. Not a couponer? no worries, there’s no need to use coupons with ibotta. That’s why it has been downloaded by more than 10 million people already.

With the changing times, ibotta has changed to allow Walmart online grocery shoppers to get automatic savings for online orders as well. This means that all you have to do is link your Walmart Grocery app to the ibotta app and cashback is automatically added to your account.

  1. Download Walmart Grocery App

Time needed: 8 minutes.

Steps to link Walmart Grocery app to Ibotta app

  1. First download the Walmart Grocery App

    The Walmart Grocery app is now merged within the app. Available from iTunes or Playstore. (Click here to get a $10 bonus for downloading it).
    ibotta and walmart grocery

  2. Create a Walmart Account

    If you don’t already have a Walmart account, enter your name and choose a password to create one.
    open a Walmart account

  3. Then download Ibotta

    Available to download from iTunes & PlayStore. (use referral code 7p8dfg)
    ibotta bonus

  4. Search for Walmart Grocery

    In the ibotta app type ‘Walmart’ in the search bar or head over to the retailer section. Choose Walmart Grocery (order online pick up & delivery)
    link walmart accout to ibotta app

  5. Ibotta request to open Walmart app

    next, you’ll see a request from ibotta to open the Walmart app. It automatically shows if you downloaded the Walmart app prior to ibotta.
    ibotta requests walmart grocery app download

  6. Enter Walmart details

    Enter your Walmart login information (email and password)
    ibotta walmart login details on ibotta

  7. Ibotta & Walmart linking

    Ibotta will then verify your Walmart login information and start the linking process. You’ll see a message below the heading (in the image below it shows in gray) “linking Walmart Grocery account”.
    ibotta verifies walmart login

  8. Walmart Pay

    The next screen is the Walmart Grocery app rebates within ibotta. Here you have the choices for browing ibotta offers at Walmart or explore the “pay with ibotta” feature. The linking process isn’t finished yet. Continue browsing ibotta in the meantime.
    ibotta and walmart grocery

  9. Ways to redeem Walmart offers on ibotta

    The next screen shows you 2 ways to redeem what you purchase at Walmart. You can choose Walmart Pay or scan your Walmart receipt QR code. Basically, the app is still going through the linking process and its showing you some of its newest features.
    ibotta walmart 2 choices to redeem offers

  10. Walmart & ibotta accounts linked

    Once ibotta is able to successfully connect your Walmart account you’ll get this verification notice. If you don’t, your accounts are not connected. It may take up to 24 hours to get this message. It took me very little time however. (check out the time stamp on the images).
    ibotta successfully connected walmart account

  11. Ibotta & Walmart Quick user guide

    A quick screenshot guide of how Ibotta works to redeem Walmart offers will pop up.
    ibotta and walmart offers how it works

That’s it! Now every time you shop at Walmart cash back earnings go straight to your ibotta account.

However, prior to shopping at Walmart – whether online with order pick up or delivery – add ibotta offers in the app first. To add offers just click on the plus sign and that’s it. Not sure how to do that? Read How to use Ibotta Step by Step Guide to Get Cash Back.

Grocery Delivery Apps and Walmart

Take the savings a step further with time saving grocery delivery apps. You still get the cash back with the convenience of delivery.

Shipt 20-off discount bonus

Here are some ibotta & other app deals to get started

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There are several ways to earn cash back with ibotta. For Walmart shoppers, it can’t get any better. Its a nice surprise to see cash back earnings in ibotta with minimal effort. Once you reach $20 you can withdraw your cash.

Happy savings, TaLis

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Start Here » Apps » ibotta » How to Link Walmart Grocery App to Ibotta (with pictures)
ibotta and walmart grocery
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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure HERE. Thank you.

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