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Best Buy Shifts to Contactless Curbside Pickup – How to Get Your Electronics & Services

In an effort to control the Coronavirus outbreak, Best Buy has made some changes that affect how you can get your electronics and how to get services. As of 3/22 Best Buy is shifting to curbside contactless pickup, and suspending select services to customers during the Covid19 pandemic. With this shift, consumers still have two ways to shop – place an order online or curbside pickup to the store. What’s changing is the way customers receive their purchase.

Whether you choose to go to the store to pick up your order or shop online, customers will not be entering the store. Contactless curbside pickup is available instead.

For customers who place an order online there are two options to get their purchase – pick up in store or delivery. If you need the product right away, contactless curbside pickup is available.

How Contactless Curbside Pickup works

When shopping online, on the review your order page select ‘curbside Pickup’ and then place your order. You’ll then receive an email or text when your order is ready.

When heading to the store to pick up your order, click on the link found on the text or email to alert Best Buy that you´re on your way. When you arrive at to the store click on the link or email again to send a message that you´ve arrived. A Best Buy employee will then come out to your car to get your order number and ask to see your ID, and will then bring the product out to your car.

contactless curbside pickup

Check your local Best Buy for store hours & Contactless Pickup Information

Contactless shopping for customers who don’t place an order online and prefer to just drive to the store, will shop by giving their product request to the Best Buy employee, who will then go to the store and find the product for you and bring it out. I suggest you get all the details about the product you want, such as product information and model number but preferably the Best Buy Sku Number (listed under the product) to speed up the process.

For cancellations, return or exchange orders Best Buy is extending the time periods to do so. This page explains the new changes based on the product purchased.

If you need to exchange an order right away, start the process by selecting ‘purchases’ under your online account, and choosing the order you wish to change. Wait for the text or email confirmation regarding your order, and then drive up to the store to complete the transaction if you choose.

Best Buy is also shifting home delivery to ‘door delivery’.

Best Buy is also making changes to home to delivery of large appliances, TV or fitness equipment as part of their contactless shopping procedures. Instead you’ll have the option for delivery to your door or open garage. You’ll have to get the product inside your home yourself.

Haul-away, repairs and installation services are currently suspended as well. If you have one scheduled Best Buy will be sending further details.

Best Buy is shifting to Virtual Services

In addition, for product installation and technical support services you’ll have the option to select virtual in-home consultation and technical support.

Just schedule an appointment to speak with a Best Buy advisor via phone and video.

In all, Best Buy is being proactive in providing contactless shopping as it minimizes exposure to anyone who may unknowingly be infected with a contagious disease. This service also minimizes exposure to the infection for the employee. However, we’ll see how time consuming or effective the process will be for consumers. For the latest updates about shopping at Best Buy visit their updates page.

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