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$22/Hr Shipt Shopping Side Gig Community

For anyone who loves to shop, a shopping side gig job with a flexible schedule that pays up to $22 per hour, working for Shipt is easy money.

The Shipt company allows their shopper employees the flexibility to control their schedule, which makes being a Shipt shopper a nice side gig job that could be either part time or full time, with total control of when and how many hours you work. Shipt shoppers work as much or as little as they want.

A Shipt shopper makes anywhere between $16 to $22 per hour.

What is Shipt:

Shipt is a grocery shopping delivery service where a shopper goes to a store to shop for someone. Shipt isn’t limited to just groceries however. As a Shipt shopper you may end up going to Target to get home decor or Office Max for a laptop. However, most Shipt shoppers mostly buy groceries and go to supermarkets, including Costco.

What is a Shipt shopper

When shopping for Shipt, consumers create orders through the Shipt app or website. Shipt then sends the order to a Shipt shopper via text. As a Shipt shopper you get the text and head to the designated store and start shopping. While you’re there you get live texts from the person you’re shopping for with any last minute add-ons or changes. A nice feature for both the shopper and the consumer because no one gets upset that they got the wrong item. Especially useful when something is not in stock and may need to be substituted.

The service is kind of like when your parent or caregiver sent you to the store when you were younger, except that you get paid for it.

The Shipt Shopper Community

The Shipt shopper then delivers the groceries and done. Well, not really. Shipt shoppers are like a little community, where they’ve even created a Shipt Shopper Lingo and rally support for one another. Often, side gig jobs are isolated. It feels like you’re not really part of the company, and you don’t get to know other people that work in the same company. That’s not the case with Shipt though.

Shipt started in 2014 in Birgmingham, Alabama, and were later bought by The Target Corporation in 2017. Today, they are in over 5000 cities around the US. 

Who can be a Shipt shopper

A Shipt shopper can be a safer experience than other delivery

  • Anyone 18 or older
  • Must have a car
  • Have a valid license and car insurance
  • Knowledge about grocery shopping
  • Be able to lift 40+ pounds
  • Have a smartphone
  • Be authorized to work in the US 

Shipt is a great side gig job for college students looking for extra income for example, since Shipt work hours can be set around classes and other school commitments. Its also an easy way to get extra income around the holidays. Its also a good gig for people who are limited to making a maximum income. Some Shipt shoppers work full time as well.

Benefit: Free membership for Shipt Shoppers

Shipt shoppers also have the benefit of using the Shipt shopping service for free. How to get it: When you go to Shipt website, select “log in“. You will use the same email and password associated with your shopper account. The system will automatically recognize your email and grant you the free membership.

best job for people who love to shop

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